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NBC is putting someone on the air like this


Robert100 7 July 7
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Melvin helpfully chimed in to sell the argument: “And this is sort of the thesis for your book. I mean, you talk openly about white politics, identity politics, the issues within your party, the Democratic Party.” That provided Maxwell with the perfect opportunity to launch into a racially charged rant:

Well, what I’m saying in the book, the end of white politics is essentially talking about the fact that we’ve been doing white identity politics the entire time we’ve been in America. The entire time America has been here, we’ve been centering white men in all of our conversations. Whether it be political, cultural, economic, all of it. And so what I’m saying is now that we’re emerging into a new place where people of color are going to be the majority, let’s center those folks and talk about everyone’s interests. White politics is essentially politics, we just left the white off the front. And what I am saying is that everything is identity politics.


This should be the kind of thing that wakes up white people . I'm sure she has a twitter and YouTube account. Hating whites is considered a righteous position these days.

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