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Odd that a Jewish female communist is running BLM.

ramzpaul 8 July 9
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I always knew a Jew (or Jews) was behind BLM. I didn't even have to look it up.

Anytime a radical movement of non-whites gets plaudits from the media and political class that's typically a sign that Jews have a hand in managing them and have given the thumbs up sign to other elites. If the jews ever stop supporting BLM then it will implode and be mired in scandal and irrelevancy just like the NAACP when they turned against their Jewish handlers.


Now they're even going after people who have the gall to say 'All Lives Matter.' The mask comes off, showing just how anti-white Liberals really are.


Repeat after me.......................Every Single Time!!


Why isn't this Rosenberg woman getting cancelled?

EdeWolf Level 3 July 10, 2020

You can see how they win -- absolute all out warfare, no regard for rules or social norms, happy to kill their political enemies.

Mewwwws Level 3 July 10, 2020

Odd? I assume you're being facetious. Makes perfect sense to me.


What is going on in this specific community that causes them to produce so many people like Susan Rosenberg?

At a certain point the pattern becomes undeniable.

John 8:42-47


Very odd indeed, Alicia Garza (born January 4, 1981) is an American civil rights activist and writer known for co-founding the international Black Lives Matter movement Garza was born in Oakland, California, on January 4, 1981. She grew up as Alicia Schwartz in Marin County in a mixed-raced and mixed-religion household, with a Jewish stepfather and an African American mother.[1] Garza identifies as Jewish.


Cyalume. Or maybe Soros. Both?

stone Level 4 July 9, 2020
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