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Zman Blog talking about the absurdity of ESPN anymore talking liberal hate whitey crap and never sports anymore.


Robert100 7 July 10
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His podcast today as well


An excerpt of it right now.

"They used to have CNN playing during the panic, but that was when they were not allowed to seat customers. Iā€™m pretty sure when they were allowed to seat people again, those people complained about CNN, so they changed it to something they thought was neutral. The lunch crowd at most places, especially old-fashioned diners, is going to be old and white.

Of course, ESPN is now hate-whitey all the time. I have not watched the channel in so long I no longer recall when I last watched it. Probably a sporting event of some sort back in the before times. While I was there, they had a parade of famous blacks on to complain about white people. The absurdity of rich blacks moaning about racism is lost on the blacks, but I suspect it is not lost on whites. There were more than a few angry faces looking at the television while they chatted at lunch.

It is hard to avoid your own bias in times like these, but I do wonder if our rulers have inadvertently created a problem for themselves by politicizing sports. Watching sports was the last refuge for white people. There is a pretty strong correlation between interest in sports and the politicization of society the last three decades. The Cold War ended, liberal democracy was let off the leash and then everyone crowded into sports venues to escape the relentless spread of politics."

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