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The Psychology of Masks.

ramzpaul 8 July 13
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Virtue signaling has become a national tragedy.


What masks are doing to me is bottling up rage. Everywhere I go where fun is customary, and masks aren't required, I'm surrounded by many people who are declining to mask up. When I go to where masks are required, I see almost exclusively either rage eyes or fear eyes. I've attended the world of "fuck the virus" as much as possible for the whole of this thing, and mask up only as required. Every time I have to mask up I look around at rage and fear eyes. Every time. And because I'm not afraid, I connect with the rage. And I wind up bottling it.

govols Level 8 July 13, 2020
  1. This coronavirus was always overblown, and to the extent that people pushed it for political purposes knowing it was overblown, that was the hoax

  2. We have a chance to do now what we should have done from the beginning - aka nothing at all

but if we are/were going to do anything it would be to make everyone wear a mask rather than shut down the economy

The mask treats the Panic (remember the toilet paper and water?).

  1. It's kind of like making grandma take off her shoes at the airport, or making grandpa take off his belt - security theater

Politicians feel compelled to "do something" partially because of the media, and partially because of "karens" or your middle-of-the-bell-curve people who don't understand how the world really works - thus the problem isn't masks per se, it is media-driven democracy itself.

  1. Masks provide a modest physical barrier that reduces the spread of respiratory droplets; how much is debatable, that they do is not; respiratory pathogens multiply in the host lungs then have to physically travel to a new host, usually by coughing and sneezing; masks make this more difficult

if you get a smaller exposure to the virus it is easier to mount a defense, and perhaps develop immunity, masks help that; as would not locking people down and letting them get whiffs of the virus in passing

  1. There is a theory that freedom is a function of population density, and that as long as we are growing in population on a finite planet, freedom will decrease. Space as a new frontier is the obvious answer, which is why the Enemy wants it closed.

  2. It's literally over in Sweden but you would never know that from the propaganda machine / media; they have the chutzpah to call them a cautionary tale!


This was long in the planning and it’s the lefts “solution” to people not jumping on board for their climate change/global warming scare tactic. This proved much more effective and their allies embedded in the government were all too eager to help.

Andyman Level 8 July 13, 2020
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