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Redskins gone, bye bye Blackhawks, Braves, Indians, and Chief. etc etc. I will still be calling them by their orginal nick names. I don't care what the SJW thinks.

Gmann57 5 July 13
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Sports were a big part of my life as a kid in the 90's and into the early 00's and helped build somewhat of a relationship with my father back then but even before all this woke nonsense almost all major sports were becoming more and more boring anyway, due to rule changes, lack of morals and integrity from newer generation players, low fan attention spans, and a plethora of other things. I had already began to wean myself off of sports to begin with and am still in the process.

JT2688 Level 3 July 16, 2020

I same here I out grown it. I don't watch movies either and don't have Netflix account.


Face it. Spectator sports, as a form of entertainment are pretty much over. The looking for any reason to be offended on behalf of anyone buzzkills hate to see people that they do not like enjoying themselves.


Anyone that caves into the American Left and China on this stuff has lost their spine, and is no longer interesting to me.

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