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Tucker Throws His Head Writer Under The Bus.

Disappointing. But Carlson did have "strong words" of rebuke for the "social environment" which now exists in this country (long since past, nation.)

And full disclosure: Quote marks above both terms, mine for emphasis, they were not spoken the on air eulogy TC gave for - someone I assumed, a trusted associate & one with whom TC shared A LOT of opinions - the former head writer on his show

Oh well ... one more casualty in the culture war, I guess ... One more young white guy's career in shambles, & future prospects impaired, tho hopefully not forever ruined.

How many more hills do "conservatives" abandon before there aren't any more left, and they're pinned down in a valley & shot to pieces? The landscape metaphor figurative, the killing field, I mean quite literally.

Asking for a friend as I can't tell my hill from a valley in the ground ...

JATW 6 July 14
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Tucker works for the murdochs guys... you trust the murdochs?

YZF2000 Level 4 July 14, 2020

It's not a matter of trust. It's simply hearing what Tucker has to say and whether it corresponds with my observations.

I rarely hear anything from Tucker that I'm not already aware of. But it's important news for some people. I'm glad that he's able to put it out there.

@Triumph Anything on TV is like 3 days behind the internet. There is no point in watching. Foxnews is for neocons.


I've not been able to find the statements that Neff is alleged to have made. I'd guess that they're more benign than what I hear from people on a regular basis.

But Neff knew the score and that his actions could compromise Tucker's position. I fault Neff for putting Tucker in this situation. I also think it's important that Tucker stay on the air.

Triumph Level 6 July 14, 2020

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