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With the unsurprising news of Melbourne’s COVID-19 link to the Black Lives Matter protests in June, it’s apparent just how hypocritical Australia’s Security Intelligence Organisation is.
That’s not news to those familiar with its history, but it’s worth pointing out at a time that it’s slathering ‘concerns’ about young people being radicalised online. On that basis, it is petitioning for laws that would allow kids as young as 14 to be given the full ASIO treatment.
However, the ‘young people’ of which it speaks, and does so in syllogisms, are only ever broken into two groups, Islamic and Far-Right.
Of late, the Islamic threat seems to have receded and their codified statements presume more against this volatile Far-Right. Brenton Tarrant gave them endless ammunition in this regard with his attack on two Christchurch mosques that resulted in 51 dead and 49 injured. If he hadn’t existed, they would have to have invented him.
But what of the Far-Left? What of Antifa? What of the militant Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite-Woke front and its Black Lives Matter frontispiece?
This is where the motives of ASIO become more obscure since the “threat” of homegrown ‘radicals’ on the Far-Right are more implied from the bravado of the online shenanigans of stupid kids.
The National Socialist Network offers ASIO, the Jewish Community, and the usual ‘anti-racist’ mouthpieces the perfect bogey. But they are about as threatening as angry schoolgirls. The sad truth is, if they ran into one of those Tongan “drill-rap” gangs, they would not only be subject to a horrendous physical defeat, the humiliation would resonate among us all. That’s why they have to run around at night, picking their selfie spots choosily, just in case they’re ever put to the test.
We don’t even say that proudly, even if we do consider them part of the problem. But as streetwise writers who’ve been around and are twice their age, we can judge from experience. An experience which, by the way, they reject because it comes from ‘old people’. That’s an aspect of this supposed Far-Right with overwhelming similarities to the Left and its own ageist and accelerationist mentalities.
Where they differ, however, is that the Far-Left and BLM have perpetrated ‘terror’ on a whole state, in the form of the infected from the Black Lives Matter rally.
We’ll get back to that point in a moment, since, so far, the critics of BLM etc are tiptoeing over this indictment and muting its greater significance.
Let’s look to the amount of tendentious online material relating to Anarchists, and Marxists, and all the rest. Let’s look at how openly, and without censure, they discuss the overthrow of the rule of law. Let’s see how they ‘arm up’ for marches and plot to deface and topple statues of historical importance.
For every half-arsed White kid found with a replica gun and a vague plan to blow up a garbage bin somewhere, the Left is constantly at it online. In its more mainstream guises, it is doxing people, it is organising the persecution of those who refuse to pull on the solemn robes of Woke, and shutting down businesses which don’t follow their ideological flux.
Yet, ASIO, for all its funding, is concerned solely with a phenomenon that has spawned, somewhat clumsily, as a genuine reaction against the growing anti-White atmosphere that pervades the totalitarian drift associated with the Cancel Culture of the Woke, its pet Negroes and other coloured races brought in to replace Whites in their homelands.
The Far-Right, as it stands, isn’t even half the threat it’s made out to be since it still shows signs of the usual subverts, scammers and parastate connections.
It’s so ramshackle that you find self-described National Socialists sharing platforms with Alt-Light civic nationalists and former Zio-Patriots who now dubiously identify as ‘National Socialist’. Those, like the egregious Nick Folkes who, sadly, cancer has failed to kill, are hoping to find favour among the younger crowd by abruptly embracing ‘Adolf’. As recently as two years ago they were openly sledging Nationalists as “Nazis” and burning Nazi flags but now Adolf Hitler is the greatest man who ever lived.
Insignificant, too, especially for Folkes is how he led a degenerate lifestyle, buddied up with a fat non-White teenager named Toby Cook, smoked marijuana, drank copiously, and conducted himself and his unregistered micro-party more like a pack of football supporters. Likewise, here’s a supposed reborn National Socialist (or whatever convoluted title he grants himself) married to a Japanese woman who has spawned two mixed-race children. What does this say about A) Those like he allegedly transformed in an unlikely hurry and arc, and B) Those who pass no judgement on such identities for having done so?
We know that prominent characters from the former Patriot Movement and the leader of the defunct Squadron 88 tied back to the parastate. This information has been out there for so long. But it typically counts for nothing. Oddly, the only ones subject to scrutiny by those from the amorphous Far-Right collective are Nationalists who, unlike the former, have never changed their colours or creed. We reckon ASIO knows all this.
Kristina Kenneally, a foreigner and Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has been blowing hard at the media her desire for the federal government to outlaw “Far-Right” groups. What groups? The National Socialist Network? It wouldn’t bother them anyway since they’re probably already working on a new ‘project’. They’d treat the proscription process as a recruitment tool, by bragging about how ‘bad’ they were. But other than them, who? The Creativity Movement? They’re about the strongest contender to our mind, yet they have absolutely nothing to do with these kids and conduct themselves privately. The Southern Cross Hammerskins? When have they exactly done anything to cause public outrage except host annual music festivals? They’re apolitical and fiercely internal.
Keneally offers no groups, yet speaks of them nonetheless. ASIO hints and infers, but never names any group. On the other hand, right in front of our eyes, we can see what the Andrews’ government has wrought by tacitly allowing the Black Lives Matter ‘protest’ to go ahead.
It had no local significance, other than using an American situation to drive the specious cause of Aboriginality — an offensive mostly utilised by the ‘privileged’ white kids they claim to hate so, and who almost exclusively people anarchist ranks. Anarchist figureheads have a common trait of coming from the ruling class and being guided by elitist prejudices, which begs questions.
Melbourne’s Department of Health and Human Services is up to its flimsy neck in denials and obfuscations concerning the BLM Infections. First, it was an unconfirmed ‘four persons’ to test positive for the Big -C after attending the BLM rally, but now it’s an ‘unconfirmed’ six. Then are the refusals to say whether or not those infected live in, or visited the housing towers that were hurriedly locked down after the outbreak.
This, folks, is an enormous act of public endangerment and it was conducted by those on a partisan political mission, with the blessing of partisan politicians such as ‘Comrade’ Daniel Andrews. ASIO has no problem with it either. And that’s telling, isn’t it, because only one side of the ideological spectrum is a threat, according to them.

BarrySpall 6 July 18
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The Aussies use ASychronous Input/Output on defenseless teenagers? That's under 15ms latency!! That's totally barbaric!!! They would have virtually NO time to react!!!

(Sorry, music nerd here : )

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