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Even back in 2002 Media was demonizing Cops in interactions with Blacks and never giving the full story on it.


Robert100 7 July 19
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Even back in the [1960s] Media was demonizing cops in interactions with blacks [and others] and never giving the full story on it.

It's when they started calling cops "Pigs," even though the Pigs in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" more accurately reflect Marxist Brownshirts rather than police. Noone in mainstream culture at the time was literate enough to point that out though.

In essence: "Pigs" was a more accurate epithet for the people CALLING the police "pigs" than it was for the police themselves.


It's obvious from the video, you can see that the suspect, Donovan Jackson, reaches back and grabs my brother's testicles," Shawn Morse said.

In a section of the tape shot right before Jeremy Morse, 24, throws the punch, it is not clear where Jackson's hands are. But the teen has already been handcuffed at this point.

The officer's brother also claims Morse suffered visible injuries during a struggle with the teenager at the gas station where the arrest took place.

Volatile Arrest

The two-minute videotape shows Officer Morse lifting a handcuffed Jackson to his feet and slamming him onto a police cruiser's hood. Then Morse, who had a streak of blood above his ear, struck Jackson in the face with a closed fist.

"I know from what I've been told is that he was scratched behind the ear, my brother had some abrasions on his chest and on his neck during a struggle with Donovan Jackson," Shawn Morse said.

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