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Looks like Seattle’s police plan to stand down and allow the BLM terrorists to loot and burn.

ramzpaul 7 July 24
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"You don't need guns, just call the police!" - spoiled, sheltered, pretentious retards


If you vote Democrat in Seattle, this is what you vote for? The destruction of their City? The Police Chief has the duty to inform the Business owners, you paid your taxes, and now you have to watch while your life is destroyed, because we cannot protect you? This is Really what a Democrat is willing to do, thinking this will elect Joe Biden to the Presidency? Amazing. Self Immolation?


Although this is a very disturbing development, isn’t this what most of the people in Seattle voted for? At this point, I say let the residents of Seattle (and Portland) turn their once beautiful cities into ash as long as they’re financially and legally responsible for the cost of the inevitable cleanup.

I couldn't agree more. The people of Seattle voted for this; let them pay for it.


Surely this will end well


Irrepressible Conflict.

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