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On August 18th it will be 100 years since women had the vote. How did that work out for future generations. Personally my wife and I always cancelled eachothers vote

MikeHunt 8 July 25
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A lot of women just go along with what's popular. Sadly, most are on the left. I have known quite a few who are conservative. I think a lot of it depends on where you live and how you are raised.


Most women become more conservative after they become wives and mothers, especially if their husbands are well informed and understand how to persuade them.


Limited franchise republics are best.


Poorly. In general, men have more willingness to take risks and more desire for individual freedom, while women (generally) desire safety and security. Each votes accordingly. One way furthers freedom and strengthens a civilization, while the other creates open borders and gives away resources (mother instinct). Each is equally important in a family setting. Maybe only taxpaying, married couples should have one combined vote?

Dictated by the male'


Women voting has sure torn society apart. We need to go back to white male property owners as voters.

Pand0ro Level 7 July 25, 2020

I would include White Male Co-op shareholders for...reasons

I'd say you have to pay taxes to vote, instead of property owner. Many folks living in cities rent, but are still productive members of society.

@FreedomRocker yeah, i could agree on that

@FreedomRocker The original vision of the founding fathers was that white male property owners could vote. If you are renting you do not have the responsibility of ownership.

@Pand0ro . What about car ownership? Or ownership of a Trust? Maybe the ownership of the most expensive baseball card......we could really get ourselves in a heap of trouble with the ownership thing. Like Federal Tax payer, and no other taxes count. Some very rich people do not pay Fed taxes. ?? Also the poor. Maybe the Democrats would agree to have the poorest pay a penny tax to the Fed. just so they could vote? Like to see the IRS deal with all of the pennies!

@Machiavelliwar The thing about laws and regulations, once in place people figure out ways to get around it. Sometimes the ways to get around it are built into the law.

@Pand0ro Yep, This.keeps every one in Washington in a well paid job. Once and for all solutions, are deadly. As long as we are still alive, we are going to be scheming for advantage, or more of the good stuff for me. Especially a Government worker. He never wants you to just be good citizens. Nothing for him to do!

@Pand0ro over 90% of Americans live in the big cities, many of whom must rent. Are they irresponsible citizens? That makes the ownership (of real estate) requirement problematic. Also, try not paying taxes on your property. You'll quickly find out who really owns it.

@FreedomRocker There are valid reasons for not allowing some individuals to vote. The real reason for wanting wide-spread voting restrictions is to keep those who disagree with you from voting. There always has been and always will be people who are at the fringes of the political spectrum whose ideas skewed, sometimes madness but remain a minority. The far left's ideas can be madness as well as the far right's. Near left and right both have valid concerns that are worthy of thought and consideration. Lumping one side into one large group is cutting out the possibility of coming to an understanding. And those understandings will never be perfect but can be functional. I was being absurd in my above statements because much of what I was responding to is one dementional thinking.


There was an Onion hardcover book

Our Dumb Century that said now the husband gets 2 votes, yeah, no, we didn't predict how this would work
wtf Italics/ wtf did i hit?

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