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Stop being a Boomer in the Matrix. The '90s (let alone the '60s, '70s, and '80s) are a thing of the past and they're never coming back. Time to move forward, build community with like-minded people, stop wasting time with those who hold very different views who'll never change their minds, improve yourself body, mind, and spirit, and prepare for what is coming; things are going to get even more 'real' than they already have been, so stop nostalgically pinning for a now-dead idealized past. []

CourseofEmpire 7 July 27
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My opinion on the matter was set in stone a good while before the current "march in the streets every day" situation materialized.

There is no common ground between today's left and right. The "people" on the right have remained fairly consistent. Many leftists are trying to convince the people that those on the right who remain traditional in their ideology are radical. That's not so. The so called "alt right" is simply the right as it has been for many decades.

The difference is in how the leadership on the right has corrupted conservative ideology.

It's the left that has radicalized. I see little difference between the Democratic Party and Communist Party USA. In fact, many on the left don't bother to deny their Communist leanings.

There's a statue of Lenin in Seattle, for Pete's sake.

Also, I agree with the linked article that the term "Boomer" is starting to take on a new meaning. It no longer applies to just a generation. It applies to a mindset - or just an older person that a young person disagrees with.

Vox Day has long led the charge against the Boomer generation. He's written many topics on his blog which blames every ill society has on the Boomer generation. I told him several years ago that at the rate culture moves, he would be at the prime age to catch the receiving end of his vendetta against old people if it ever came to pass. He's soon to turn 52 and is already having to fight off the occasional "Boomer" label from young adults.

It makes me laugh every time I see it happen.

Triumph Level 6 July 27, 2020

Although 52 is technically Gen X (which he points out quite often), it wouldn't take much for a younger person to still call him a Boomer. Still, I agree, it's the mindset. there are plenty of 'Boomers' (by age) who aren't Boomers in their thinking and I've encountered Gen X and Millenials who are very Boomerish in their thinking. So I'd say that's more like how one should approach it (though most Boomers are generationally Boomers, too. lol).


I encounter a lot of people in the Boomer generation who don't understand what's going on or where it comes from. I encounter a lot of people younger than Boomers who don't either.

But I get a bit aggravated at people who are "based" - who know what's going on and where it comes from, yet still want to say that it's a generational thing.

The Federal Reserve Act was established in 1913. No Boomers were around for it. America was coerced into a fratricidal war in Europe in 1941. No Boomers around for any of that, either. The Hart-Celler Act was established in 1965. Some Boomers were around during that time, but most were children and the few young adult Boomers of that period had no political influence.

My point - it's difficult to say exactly when the ball started rolling which brought us to where things stand today. But it was long before the Boomers arrived on the scene. The Boomers were subjected to the same influences which were around in 1913, 1941, 1965, and today. They weren't able to see through it any better than those who came before them or after.


After your community of like-minded people is built, it will break up into factions. Look at churches of like-minded people. They form and grow then some members are not happy with the direction it is going, break off and form their own which will grow until some members are not happy with the direction it is going. There is never going to be a community of like-minded people. The best outcome is to respect each other even if we don't agree with them and try to find some common ground we all can live with.

Pand0ro Level 7 July 27, 2020

Absolutely correct Pandoro. These folks feel boomers are the problem, as if not for them, human nature would be rainbows and kumbaya.

These idealistic, gullible Utopians are surprised every time their Utopias fail, or blame it on Constitutionalists, who back the only system of governance to address and harness flawed human nature, to provide the most fair and best protection of individual rights in history.

And then after succeeding in destabilizing our Constitutional society, they blame “boomers,” or Constitutionalists for what Utopians themselves did, to justify doing something that history has proved never works. Then say we’re never going back.

Ya know what? They may be right. Thousands of lives were lost and ruined to establish our Constitutional Republic, in favorable conditions, such as a public awareness of the Great philosophers.

Today’s public is aware of Homer Simpson.

Of course, there will be factions, there will always be factions, but if there is a more general agreement on many key points with an agree to disagree mentality, one can forge something more sustainable. There is simply no speaking to the more extreme globalist left (the more 'moderate' liberal types may still be approachable, but their numbers are shrinking). Dialogue is over. There are no political solutions.


Your expectation of a community that is "like-minded" on all topics is unachievable in ANY form - not even families. This FACT has been proven by history time and time again. If you cannot handle "disagreement" you will be a slave or a member of the side with the most violent control mechanisms.

See my reply to Pandoro above.


They aren't coming back and every iota of institutional power is explicitly hostile towards us.

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