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The wild spending might have finally broke the economy. We could see hyper inflation. Dollar is crashing.

ramzpaul 7 July 27
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In that case, we should see hyper inflation in the Eurozone as well, since their spending has been even wilder than ours. Gold, silver, land, ammo, canned beans looking bullish.


Gold bugs and crypto boys should have a duel. Crashing currency and world Crashes talk at 50 paces.

I don't consider myself a gold bug. If anything, I'm an land bug. But it's hard not to be attracted to gold when the government is borrowing a trillion dollars a year in fiat currency.


The big boys just shut it down. A lot of gold that doesn't exist just got sold and the price of gold is dropping like a rock.

When gold hit $1,900 per ounce in 2011, the Federal Reserve realized that $2,000 per ounce could have a psychological impact that would spread into the dollar’s exchange rate with other currencies, resulting in a run on the dollar as both foreign and domestic holders sold dollars to avoid the fall in value. Once this realization hit, the manipulation of the gold price moved beyond central bank leasing of gold to bullion dealers in order to create an artificial market supply to absorb demand that otherwise would have pushed gold prices higher.


Triumph Level 6 July 27, 2020

I have some silver ETF and everyone knows some of that is just paper, fiat silver. No one will look into investment groups to see just how much of ETF metals is fake.


My first impression from March, when I saw the closure notice on the barber shop door, that the Panic-Driven Lockdown was the greatest error, the greatest self-inflicted wound in history † - is bearing out after a third of a year.

My detractors point to the Guns of August (WWI) as a greater error as it lead to the end of White Supremacy and the beginning of The Rising Tide of Color (see Lothrop Stoddard's magnum opus).

I reply much like the senior Chinese Maoist's alleged take on the French Revolution "It's too soon to tell".

If the Panic-Driven Lockdown leads to a broad global economic catastrophe, and simultaneously can be said to have ended White America's electoral path to safety with a Trump defeat, then in a decade we could be cursing the Lockdown worse than Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Our Enemies may also be cursing their fervor for the Lockdown if it leads to White Americans embracing non-electoral paths to victory.

There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Enemy capitols that day.

† PS While Trump owns potentially the greatest error in history, the Enemy cannot capitalize because they called for him to do far worse; they called him a fascist then complained when he wasn't fascist enough. Trump who has been called Hitler, and even Cyrus the Great, is more a Julian the Apostate.


We should start experimenting with creating community currencies. For example, you and a group of friends decide 1 Ramz = 30 minutes of labor and you can only buy gas at the local store with Ramz.

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