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StarBucks is for Cucks! A better source of caffeine is Red Bull, the Austrian energy drink.

The man behind Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, is a nationalist who admires Donald Trump. He supports the Austrian Peoples Party. In an interview last year, Mr. Mateschitz criticized the decision to let in “migrants” and deplored the European Union’s grip on the continent. Mr. Mateschitz is putting together a German news outlet that many say will be akin to America’s Breitbart.

Boycott Starbucks — Drink Red Bull

GilBatesLovesU 5 July 27
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Just read this article on AmRen! I've boycotted Starbucks from years, good to know Red Bull is based!


Red Bull: The taste is ... Baste. 😉

Full disclosure: I've never even had one - I need an energy drink like a drunk needs another shot of whisky; but this guy seems like he's on our team, so I cheer him on. HA like he could care what I think, do, or say ... 😉

JATW Level 6 July 28, 2020