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Hat tip to Alex Berenson:

He provides the results of a poll that shows Americans think 9% of us have died of coronavirus; even with the phony numbers† it is only 0.04% (a common cold)

This at once damns the media, education, this government, and democracy.

As we reforge our nation, we need to teach our children power; core components of power are knowledge and wisdom. Additionally, we need to have a limited franchise republic with proportional representation.

† On March 26th they amended reporting rules to allow a death to be declared a coronavirus death without a positive test, and even with a negative test, based only on suspicion. Combined with a political motive and financial desperation, many deaths were falsely called corona deaths.

Afterthought 7 July 28
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Alex Berenson has been terrific and priceless on this issue. Team Covid hates him with a special passion because frankly he’s a traitor to his class of establishment elitist liberal journalists.


No math skills nor perspective on the size of the nation. It is around 150,000 (highly inflated death count) divided by 330,000,000 Americans... they are thinking 150/330 instead of 150/330,000.

emmdee2 Level 5 July 29, 2020

oops that first should be 150/3,300 is probably closer, but they was underestimate the US population versus even these overblown totals.


Now that we've discredited virtually the entire MSM, it's time to do the same with polls. When I hear about any poll I find myself wondering about demographics, context, question format, question options, tabulation accuracy, and the list goes on. How can they be trusted?


Not surprising. I’ve seen polls that show that, on average, Americans think a quarter of people in the country are gay and half are black (the actual figures are closer to 2% and 13%, respectively).

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