The Fanspace for RAMZPAUL (Paul Ramsey)

The Fanspace for RAMZPAUL (Paul Ramsey)

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Why doesn't Trump fire Fauci? Can someone explain this to me?

fschmidt 6 July 29
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Because he is in on it. Did you not notice he claims he is America First while he is owned by israel? He is a traitor like every other republicant owned by the small hats


Trump has always said he's a germaphobe. He probably knows the response to covid is overblown, but maybe part of him is legit scared of the virus, so he can't see clearly what's really going on. That's one possibility, of course only God knows what goes on in the ruler's mind.

Proverbs 21:1 "The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will."

Fauci's biggest crime is attacking hydroxychloroquine. Trump knows it works because he is taking it himself.

But today I understand what Trump is doing, it really is like Judo. He let the Left scare monger and suppress cures so that he could use this to cancel the election. This actually makes sense.


It's necessary to display Fauci's agenda to the people to get a majority of Americans to see. Since so many Americans still think the way the media tell them, Fauci is still respected by them. POTUS needs to reach them if the country is going to be salvaged from the conflict. The battlefield today is not the streets of riot-ridden coastal cities, but the minds of middle America. The weapons of this war are facts and lies, propaganda at its definition.


A lot of the time, it is better to do nothing. You act where you can, when you can. The only question is, did Bush Sr. Clinton, Bush, Obama intend to Act as President for it's future good, or did they believe, it was time to hand the power of running the world over to China? Is Trump unwinding that scenario? Or maybe you want China running the world. Only question worth answering


And Debbie Birx! This treacherous bitch (I try and refrain from name calling but it fits) traveled to my already despairing state of Kentucky to give encouragement and cover to our a-hole Democrat governor, Andy Beshear’s most newest draconian Covid measures, lockdowns, school closures/, mask mandates, even for kids. She also leaned on the Tennessee Governor. As far as I’m concerned, Birx represents the White House. This is unconscionable and unforgivable. Kentucky has never had a Covid public health crisis. We should be getting back to school, sports, commerce, church and some level of normalcy but in the last day, Dr. Debbie Birx has incredibly given cover to Beshear to suppress any ReOpen America initiative. Where is Trump in all of this?

We refer to her as Doctor Scarves around here but reacherous Bitch is fine too


He thinks he's doing a New Jersey garbage contract when he's actually the President of the United States?

In other words, he thinks he can schmooze, bluster, charm and otherwise use petty tricks to get things done when it's really just an exercise in power mathematics.

He has been an absolute failure when it comes to the Big Picture

Trump has been a total failure on COVID-19. He makes a move, a strong tweet then he retreats as Birx, Fauci and Redfield give cover to the most partisan petty tyrannical governors. On November 3rd I’m to go in and vote for Trump and Mitch McConnell? That’s a tall order. If the Democrats hadn’t gone so far to the toxic radical sjw:BLM left with the pitiful weak senile Joe Biden as their figure head, I would be staying home.

@CarriePCox Trump is the lesser of two evils candidate.


Given the lack of a rational reason, I assume it's pretty complicated. Or maybe Fauci has pictures.


A single individual against everyone else is an extreme SIDE of a fictional (imaginary) scale, and on the other end of the same scale is a single individual against everyone too. The Scale is Moral Action.

One criminal against every targeted victim on one SIDE.

One defender (not satisfied with victimization) against every criminal on the other SIDE.

In the exact middle of the scale is arguably the human condition, a constant power struggle played out century after century as organized criminal gangs (claiming to be religious corporations CULTS including "governments" ) fight each other and these CULTS fight to maintain control of the population of victims in each area around the world.

Sometimes the POWER STRUGGLE swings in favor of the defenders.

Falsehood is a key factor employed by people on either side.

How does one know, precisely, if one is on one side or the other side, given the fact that falsehood is a power used by everyone?

Knock, knock

Targeted defensive victim: "Who are you, can I help you?'

Knocking (not yet No Knock Raid) Perp: "Do you have any nubile women inside that I may want to rape, or money I may want to take, or workers I may want to enslave inside?"

TDV: "Yes, there are 12 virgins here, a pot of gold, and an army of slaves ready to be put to work."

Is the defender armed?


I did some more research and it looks like Trump is actively supporting the corruption.



Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

wolfhnd Level 7 July 29, 2020

He's just a weak man.

I don't think Trump is particularly weak. My opinion is he just decided to run a campaign which presented him as a candidate who could take on the deep state. His rhetoric still presents him as someone who is capable of calling the shots.

No other President has stuck his neck out as far as Trump has in proclaiming what he intends to do. So when it doesn't happen (as it can't because the deep state controls the government) it makes him appear weak.

The truth is, neither the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court has the power to control the deep state. It's been that way for a while.

Trump has been punished the entire time he's been in office for having the audacity to win the Presidency with an endless series of ostentatious promises designed to appeal to Nationalists and old school patriotic conservatives. The deep state didn't like that - it stirred people up - gave them hope.

He's not politically naive. He was aware of the deep state's power going in. But he chose to run a campaign which acted as if it didn't exist.

Actually, I don't believe he actually thought he could win. He ran to feed his ego. Then he won and he's been trying to figure out how to get through his Presidency without having egg on his face ever since.

The deep state isn't going to allow that. It's going to rub his nose in the egg every day.

I doubt if Trump will be disappointed if he loses in 2020. He's had enough of his latest ego feeding diversion.

@Triumph it won’t be too good for his ego when he loses in a landslide to senile “Sleepy Joe”. Trump has repeatedly muddled his own Reopen America message. Debbie Birx is at state capitals giving cover to Governors to keep schools close, initiate lockdowns and mandate masks for all ages. I wouldn’t have believed this but it just happened in Kentucky and Tennessee. Unless the USA gets off our knees and starts to return to normal, Trump will lose badly and the senate will go blue.

@CarriePCox I know it's a possibility. But like I said. I don't think Trump really cares. He's got billions of dollars. He can live anywhere he chooses on the planet - and he obviously has a good idea of where America is headed.

If I had a couple billion dollars I wouldn't hang around to see what happens to America over the next few years.

@Triumph does he have billions? He’s stuck with a lot of expensive real estate in urban areas. I agree, the man is set financially. What he does have is ego needs and id. I’ve give up hope on him taking the lead on Covid and Reopen America, schools and the science. It’s been so frustrating to watch. Are you saying he doesn’t want to win re-election?

@CarriePCox I don't think Trump is intentionally throwing the election. But he's been under attack 24/7 for almost 4 years.

I'm quite sure the thought "Who needs this?" has entered his mind more than once.

@Sach: Which one?
Fauch throws a memorable first pitch tho, I'll give him that.


He's playing interdimensional chess. Don't try to understand.

Thaw Level 6 July 29, 2020
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