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What is the best policy to deal with the homeless?

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LargoEmbargo 5 July 30
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  1. Put the crazy homeless in state mental hospitals.
  2. Reduce immigration to increase job availability.
  3. (optional) Make a government program to help homeless get work, shower, etc.

...or just don’t become one of them.


Civilization by being civil interferes with natural selection and domestication. Nature will correct the problem if civilization collapses or not because evolution is undirected. In other words there isn't an answer.

You might think that it is a problem of relaxed selection as indicated by the options that suggest sterilization or some other form of eugenics. The argument against that would be that people that have been under strong selection until relatively recently are failing at an even higher rate than those who have been privileged. The irony is that subset of those least adapted to civilized life by predisposition may have a fitness advantage if civilization collapses.

What seems just, and I don't mean fair, is that the homeless issue be addressed in a way that has a minimal impact on those in society that play by the rules of delayed gratification and hard work but is humane. That calls for hierarchy of actions that are practical. The first practical concerns are sanitation and crime. While it may seem unempathetic addressing those issue will increase the quality of life for the homeless while protecting the general population. If you really want to solve homelessness you have to make it less attractive. Treating the homeless as if they are on an extended camping trip is not going to cut it. Homelessness after all is the state for which we evolved. The three things that all people will seek in ranked order are water, food and sleep. If you provide those things they will come. The problem is once they acquire them they don't want to be confined and will wander around. The question is how do you get a species evolved to wander to want to be homed. Constant supervision is out of the question for both humane and practical reasons.

It's unfortunate but what seems to work best if you reject coercion is shame. The exact opposite of what liberals are trying. As anyone with any experience working with them will already know it's hard to shame drug addicts and the insane. It does seem however that shaming nicotine addicts has been somewhat effective. Shaming alcohol addicts into not driving intoxicated also seems to have been modestly effective.

wolfhnd Level 7 July 30, 2020

It's a tough problem. A very large percentage of homeless are mentally ill, drug addicted, or both. A youtube channel named "Soft White Underbelly" is a series of interviews with the residents of Skid Row. If you watch a few you will realize that many, if not most of the people who sink to that level are beyond repair. Many are approaching middle age and have been on the streets since their teens and addicted to drugs for most of that time.

Even if they could miraculously kick drugs, they have no job skills nor the basic knowledge required to exist in the world in a conventional manner.

Triumph Level 5 July 30, 2020

Nailed it. Until we come up with a better way to care for the mentally ill, this problem will continue. People enter treatment, then get kicked to the streets when their time is up or their insurance runs out.


Ultimately you have to address the shitty culture that leads to so many being homeless. That means addressing the JQ. People need family and community to be sane and healthy, and those things have been destroyed through a variety of social engineering projects that all originate with our semitic friends.

In the short tem we should have camps that detox and restabilize the salvageable ones and that humanely store the rest.

Thaw Level 6 July 30, 2020

Don't allow government to be taken over by criminals, people are then able to decide for themselves to be charitable or productive on their own, with the means to do so on their own.

2 examples may help, but I'll spare the readers the cost of reading those examples, just let the criminals in government do all the thinking for you.

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