The Fanspace for RAMZPAUL (Paul Ramsey)

The Fanspace for RAMZPAUL (Paul Ramsey)

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This is a good interview by Michelle Malkin. Watch it before it gets taken down.

Sacha799 6 July 31
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Malkin has more testosterone in her ovaries than the entirety of the weight all the DC GOPers' "men"'s sackage.

Were I Trump, I'd call her and offer ANY Cabinet position in my Administration up to and including VP. (Sorry, Mike.)

JATW Level 6 July 31, 2020

Awesome. I believe Del Bigtree is speaking the truth as, much as I can discern. He describes the virus emergency as a lie, and an unprecedented bid for control over our lives. I agree. And I have been victimized as well by those pedaling "fear porn," who seem intent on causing as much harm to others as possible, who believe as do I.