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All languages have their quirks, so I was wondering...

...about accents: So in English we think

  • certain languages sound cool or sophisticated and others sound silly or muddled.
  • the foreign accent of some languages in English we like or think is sexy, and others not.

So are these things universal? Like in Spanish, do they think the "French" accent is sexy, etc. or does each language have it's favorite foreign languages and favorite foreign accents??

Is anyone out there a native speaker of another language or completely fluent, and can you shed some light on this?

curvycom 6 Aug 1
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Curvy, you dog, a brilliant question. Born and raised in accursed NYC accents have always hit me as sexy, even local ones, (deep brooklyn, PR Bronx, don't get me started on Bahstan MD)
A French girl had me at Bonjour, Brit girls well Oh My, Irish chicks left me exhausted, oh the accents...too many... And that's just Europe

On the other side, Aussie girls have found my Queens accent "fookin charmin' mate"