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Would the founding fathers of America support ANTIFA and BLM?

So the founding fathers wanted Americans to rise up and overthrow the government if it became tyrannical, right? Well, I think it’s pretty clear that the government has become tyrannical. We’ve seen tyranny in Waco, mass surveillance, the TSA, etc.

Although, BLM/ANTIFA has picked a false martyr in George Floyd, are they not constitutionally justified in violently rebelling against the government?

Would the founding fathers support BLM/ANTIFA violence?

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tenslein 6 Aug 1
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The American revolutionaries committed purposeful violence against state authorities for reasons they could explain.

The retards are firing into random pedestrians and burning down random shops because a bunch of genocidal marxists told them wypepo and sheeeit.

If the old school was here they'd be at war with 99% of the population of this country and win because we're such soft, simpering, simple, feminized flora.

You have no idea what they've taken from you sad, domesticated, miserable, bored cattle.

Dumping tea into the ocean is purposeful violence? Ramzpaul said the British offered to give the American revolutionaries what they demanded, but it didn’t stop them from fighting for independence. I think you are over romanticizing the American revolution.

I contend that ANTIFA and BLM are analogous to American revolutionaries, and their opponents like you are analogous to British loyalists. Prove me wrong.

@tenslein You can't tell the difference between a bunch of brainwashed marxists who would love nothing more than to institute the most oppressive and genocidal system in history and the guys who created the freest nation in the history of the world?

Or is it the subtle nuanced differences between a group of men who wanted to break their colony away and rule themselves under a system of limited representative government as opposed to a bunch of castrati who wish to destroy their own race and give aristocratic pedophiles absolute control over every minute aspect of all our lives?

I think you can. I think you're trolling.

@Flagherty I agree that there would probably be some executions in the event of Marxist takeover of America, and there weren’t such executions in the American revolution. However, there were mass executions in the French Revolution, which the founding fathers supported.

Was the royal family pedophilic and self-hating back in the 1700s? I’d believe the pedophilia, but I don’t think whites were self-hating back when America was founded. Also, you’re exaggerating the control that Britain had over the colonies back then. They really weren’t such an oppressive empire. Our current America is much more oppressive.

@tenslein try again and be coherent this time.

@Flagherty The founding fathers supported the French Revolution which had mass executions, so mass executions by ANTIFA does not disqualify them from possibly being supported by the founding fathers.

Britain in the 1700s was not hateful towards whites so that could not have been a reason for secession. Also, they were less tyrannical to the colonies than the current American government is to its citizens.


  1. Supporting the overthrow of the French monarchy is not the same as supporting the indiscriminate violence of the reign of terror which followed it.

  2. A system being oppressive doesn't mean that anyone and everyone opposed to it is honorable. What kind of retard wants to dismantle a system of oppression just to institute a more oppressive system than before.

I'm done here.


  1. The founding fathers endorsed the French Revolution despite the executions. That means they viewed mass executions as acceptable collateral damage.

  2. It's ironic you say this because America's system is more oppressive than Great Britain's was. That's why I say you're analogous to a British loyalist.

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