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Simpothy McVeigh over here just got busted. Hooray. The thing that occurred to me was that I've never been with a full armpit, Sasquatch hairy arm pitted girl in my life. All my ladies took the time to shave the pits. I don;t care about anything else, hell I love bush. but hairy girl pits? Have any of you smelled that? And don't tell me it smells like Doritos, heard that before

MikeHunt 8 Aug 2
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That seems like a pretty brave action.
She is impressive.


She is very brave in making her point so please stop

B1967 Level 7 Aug 5, 2020

@Stinkybob freedom of expression would you want to take that away


Stripping naked like this is an extreme f*ck you to normal society. Along with the twisted exhibitionism, this act shows that this woman has totally rejected our culture and will only be satisfied when it is utterly destroyed.

If our civilization was healthy and strong, this act would be viewed as a symptom of a dangerous disease and this woman and those engaging in similar exhibitionism would have the book thrown at them.

On the human level, I hope her family and friends get her the help she needs.

Choppy Level 5 Aug 2, 2020

Her father must be proud.


I don't mind if they believe in shaving or not. I like a woman of good virtue. By parading around naked in the street she is less than worthless.

Well, truly that young lady (cough) was never going to be a woman of virtue

@MikeHunt You should be careful in the coming days, good sir. I do believe she's been screaming your name at the cops.

@MikeHunt That is so sexes

@MikeHunt, @Flagherty And she should

@Stinkybob Thank you

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