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Why would anyone decent support the Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter? Do you already forget how one of their supporters murdered five Dallas police officers in an ambush in 2016?

Or do you support it just because you are so stupid that you think the name of the organization reflects its values? I can already picture the low IQ civnat types - “Well, of course I think the lives of blacks matter. So how could I be opposed to BLM? It literally has that in its name!”


I suppose that these idiots would also support North Korea because the country’s official name is Democratic People's Republic of Korea? After all, who is opposed to democracy and republics?

BLM is an anti-White, anti-Christian Marxist organization. If you are White they want you and your family dead. If you are Christian they want you dead. Yet so many so-called ‘conservatives’ claim that they support BLM.

As a nationalist, I believe all people (including blacks ) have the right to self-determination. But BLM is NOT about supporting the rights of other races. They are 100% black. This is why they go into a rage when someone should say “All Lives Matter.”

BLM is a racist Hate group that engages in domestic terrorism. In Atlanta BM is demanding that small businesses pay them or they will burn down their shops. This is extortion. These people are evil and are criminals.

If you support BLM there are three possibilities -

You are Evil
You are Stupid
You are a Coward

Of course, many people can be all three. But no matter the motivation of such people, I do not want to associate with them. Fuck BLM.

ramzpaul 8 Aug 3
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Hard to find this interview but Ramz best interview with a mainstream person NPR.


"Why would anyone decent support the Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter? Do you already forget how one of their supporters murdered five Dallas police officers in an ambush in 2016?"

And the way they would brush this off mainstream media types would just say oh this 1 guy is a bad apple not reflecting of BLM in anyway. Sure interesting considering the same people saying this said James Fields represented the entire Alt right and Trump supporters with his actions. Breitbart, and Steve Bannon and all the people part of the original alt right attacked as killers due to James Fields.


The extortion attempt makes them look like the Mob and thus RICO would be nice if tried on their leaders. Ramz said it best on his NPR Interview what if we had a White Lives Matter group targeting Blacks? That organization would be shut down so God Damn fast with RICO and you'd have leaders in Jail for 20 and 30 years if you tried that. I think most people are just afraid, followed by stupid, and small but powerful elites like ADL and SPLC are simply evil as they come.


It’s crazy how many normies drink the BLM kool aid. These are people who never showed any political opinion before but now they are full gung-ho for BLM. I think it’s so they don’t get ostracized. Any dissent could get you doxxed and fired so it’s easier to play it safe and shill that “movement “. On one hand, it’s easier to ignore it all and let them destroy themselves but when they are backed by the media, Hollywood, corporations, and the rest of the establishment, what good is it to slowly wait for the fire to rise? Especially if no such fire will ever cleanse the forest

"A few honest men are better than numbers." (Oliver Cromwell)


I love it when you finally pull your cock out, Ramsey. Let em have it.

I've spoken to numerous white leftists about BLM, ostensibly well-meaning people not overt antifa types. They have no inner self. They parrot the curated news that's shoveled into them and descend immediately into angry cognitive dissonance.

One example, shortly after it happened I sent one guy a link to the story about the 8 year old girl that BLM protestors murdered. He asked me if I thought they killed her to promote black lives and started ranting about how the evil conservative media complex would just spin anything to make BLM look bad and how conservatives are evil and racist and they just don't want blacks to have nice things.

So I sent him the video of the girl's father tearfully admonishing BLM for murdering his child. At this point he became irate, complained about how hard his life was and what a burden are his interactions with evil racist conservatives. He then threatened to end our friendship if I kept triggering him with things that oppose his worldview.

This is the type of person we're dealing with. They're completely demoralized and incapable of independent thought. They fully support eradicating any and all constitutional amendments if they're told to support it by their heavily curated media sources (usually reddit and breadtube). They fully support censorship and depersoning because disagreement is physically painful for them.

They have ceased to be individuals. They are nothing more than mindless soy golems. They are very dangerous.


BLM are digging themselves - and American Blacks - a mighty deep hole.

@LogicalExtreme just guns and ammo selling out, no biggie right?


Every day I see more upper middle whites planting the obnoxious professionally manufactured BLACK LIVES MATTER signs in their yards. The same a-holes who support lockdowns, mask mandates even on kids and school closures. ‘Go online, young man!’ It’s depressing to live around ever more of these cowardly self-righteous d-bags, it really is. BLM is an anti-America, anti-white, anti-cops who would protect anything good and sane in America. F BLM! ALL LIVES MATTER! The moment we couldn’t say even that, we lost.


BLM has nothing to do with Black Lives Mattering.

This is confirmed by observing any major urban city where Blacks are the majority and are slaughtering each other every day.

BLM is about Power as demonstrated by their iconic Raised Fist. They are a terrorist organization that seeks power though force and intimidation.

Anyone or any company that thinks they can just appease and submit to this group and BLM will be satisfied is living in a fictitious bubble that is not only dangerous for themselves, but dangerous for the country as a whole.

Nothing is more important right now than the complete eradication of this cancer in our civil society.


Amen Ramz Amen.


Holy shit Ramz, did you get hacked? That language is uncharacteristic of you



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