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George Floyed was an unlikely martyr. Yes, that is what he has become. Many people on the Left are now literally comparing him to Jesus and there is a weird hologram traveling exhibit displaying his holy image.

Of course, the death of George was the spark that resulted in the current anti-White hysteria. Because of his death we now see BLACK LIVES MATTER propaganda everywhere. I happened to see a hockey game on TV at a restaurant yesterday, and above the White skaters was a sign blaring, “WE SKATE FOR BLACK LIVES.” Really? I suspect that these players probably skate for a huge paycheck, but what do I know?

And woe be unto the person that makes the mistake of claiming that people of other races lives also matter. The tolerant Left will go into a frenzy and demand your job, if not your life.

You would think based on the hysteria that blacks can’t walk peacefully down the streets without evil Whites attacking them at random. But if you look at the crime statistics, 95% of all interacial violent crime is blacks attacking Whites. And even without looking at the crime statistics, normal people that live around blacks understand that the threat of violence is much higher in a black area versus a White or Asian community. Take a drive in a black neighborhood and you will see houses with bars on the windows and stores with bullet proof glass and extra security guards.

And based on the reaction of George’s death, you would think he was randomly attacked by the police while he was peacefully walking home from Bible study.

In reality, George was a thug. He previously was sent to prison for breaking into a pregnant woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach, and then robbing her. Good people don’t do such things.

In his final criminal act, George was caught trying to pass counterfeit currency. The longer video cam footage of the arrest was recently released by the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

Below is a description of the video -


One of the videos, which reportedly came from the body camera of Minneapolis officer Thomas Lane, starts with the cops pulling Floyd over and ends with their efforts to push the increasingly panicked 46-year-old security guard into a squad car. The other – much longer, extending over 18 minutes and allegedly taken from the body camera of Officer Alexander Kueng – starts inside the store where Floyd allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit bill and ends with police discussing the arrival of the ambulance as they restrain Floyd on the ground.

While neither clip, originally obtained by the Daily Mail, includes scenes of graphic violence, they are nevertheless difficult to watch. Floyd repeatedly pleads for his life and begs for his mother, asking the cops if they plan to shoot him and insisting he’s claustrophobic and can’t sit in the police car. The officers attempt to mollify him, promising to roll down the windows, in between asking him if he’s taken any drugs and accusing him of behaving erratically. The clip from Kueng’s bodycam provides an alternate camera angle on police restraining Floyd on the ground – the infamous “I can’t breathe” sequence that shocked the world when it initially surfaced on social media over two months ago.

It’s clear from both clips, however, that Floyd was in distress long before he ended up face-down on the asphalt. Repeatedly insisting he’s “not that kind of guy,” the stricken security guard protests “I can’t breathe” and “I don’t wanna die weird” as the officers attempt to stuff his handcuffed body into the squad car. Floyd even volunteers to lie on the ground instead, though at this point in the arrest the cops struggle to push, pull, and otherwise wrestle him into the vehicle.

Lawyers for the four officers charged with Floyd’s murder have for weeks argued the bodycam footage should be made public, insisting it provides necessary context for the decision to restrain Floyd on the ground using the controversial knee hold. While transcripts of the Memorial Day arrest made public last month already revealed Floyd had asked to “lay on the ground,” hearing the words in his own voice in between sobs coming from a grown man is viscerally unsettling.According to that transcript, Floyd subsequently began beating his face against the squad car window, causing blood and foam to come from his mouth and renewing officers’ suspicions he was on drugs. Neither video shows this moment. An autopsy indicated Floyd died of cardiac arrest, adding heart disease, fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use may have contributed to his untimely death. One of the cops on Kueng’s bodycam footage says he “believes” Floyd was high, noting they “found a weed pipe” and “there might be something else…PCP or something.”

While parts of the video seem to vindicate at least some of the police’s behavior, other parts provide ammunition for police abolition advocates. Floyd’s ex-girlfriend, a passenger in the car, tells the police he is mentally unstable (“he’s got a thing going on&rdquo😉 regarding police and has been shot before, suggesting his erratic behavior could be a panic attack triggered by cops sticking a gun in his face. Police abolitionists often argue cops are responsible for responding to mental health incidents they lack the training to handle and frequently do more harm than good.

I was pulled over for a traffic violation last year. I provided a copy of my license and registration. I did not jump out of my car and start to foam at the mouth bang my head against the police car window. If I did so, I have no doubt that the policeman would have thrown me down on the street and arrested me.

George was a drug addict who was hyped up on fentanyl and meth at the time of his arrest. He refused to get into the police car and the police restrained him on the ground.

Was the knee to the neck a proper way to restrain an erratic and violent drug addict? I do not know. But it was obvious that it was not some KKK policeman attempting to kill some random black. There is no evidence that race had anything to do with the incident. If George would have complied with instructions and not resisted arrest, he probably would still be alive. I say ‘probably’ because George was complaining of not being able to breath before his arrest. It is likely that George was dying of a fentanyl overdose at the time of his arrest.

But I suppose that the details and facts don’t really matter. A White man killed a black, and that must never be allowed to happen. I am not exaggerating when I say that BLM wants to make it illegal for a White to harm a black, even if it is in self defense. And if a black should kill a White, BLM opposes the black being arrested and punished.

This is the dystopian nightmare that BLM supports. And all the major institutions now support BLM.

ramzpaul 8 Aug 4
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“And all the major institutions now support BLM.” To me, this is the most disturbing aspect of the George Floyd riots. For example, the company I work for has announced it’s doubling down on “Diversity and Inclusion” in the wake of the BLM/Floyd riots.


My take on that scenario, is Floyd accidentally did way too much dope, felt really guilty and afraid he was gonna die from the large dosage, panicked, and drove a few blocks down the way to try to pass a fake 20 for a pack of smokes he couldnt afford to relax and calm his fear and guilt.
Not expecting he'd get caught, he gets apprehended for the fake 20, and the fear and guilt already consuming him escalated far worse than what he initially experienced.
He automatically knew he'd be looking at 10 years or so in prison for the DUI, being under the influence of illegal substances, and the fake money, as well as around $10,000 in fines. He then went into an extreme panic of fear and delusion. That coupled with the fear and guilt he was already experiencing, he spiraled down emotionally and lost all control.
My problem with this, is that any person looking at 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for these somewhat minor offenses would become paralyzed with fear and hopelessness, and is that really justified? It does seem a bit overkill.

I have boomer friends in their 70's who admit drug DUI charges were very lax when they were Floyd's age, compared to how much harsher they are today.. I think the police system does need some reform.. There are conservative Trump supporting cops that agree with that much.
And lastly, it seems if cops carried ankle cuffs as well as hand cuffs, they could have easily cuffed his feet and hands and wouldnt have had to kneel on his neck at all.. Then if he died from the drug overdose or whatever, it would be completely obvious that the cops were not at fault. And that would be a more humane approach as opposed to kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes

H0bo Level 6 Aug 5, 2020

@LogicalExtreme A survey by the Texas Department of Transportation found that the average cost for a DWI arrest and conviction ranges from $9,000 to $24,000.
...drug such as meth. You can face a misdemeanor charge for a first offense of drug DUI. This is a presumptive sentence. You can face up to six months of jail time, a requirement that you attend a drug treatment program, and fines. (on top of the fines mentioned above)
A conviction for producing counterfeit currency similarly carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment and a fine, as does a conviction for merely possessing counterfeit currency.

Come on bro, it took me 2 minutes to look that up on google.. your response is weak AF... I think its you that doesnt know what country you're in bro.. having a Biden moment are we?

@LogicalExtreme I don't understand how people can be so brazen in their ignorance and misinformation..
why do you think i shared my take on the Floyd case? Because Im a libtard who wants to defund the police? You got me totally wrong.. I gave an estimated guess of the repercussions one could likely face under those circumstances. You mocked me, so I went and double checked to see if im "storytelling", and what i found is the fines would likely far exceed what I estimated, as well as the prison sentence..
If you can provide evidence to support your exaggerated claims of 6 months jail and $200 fines, i would like to see that... though you won't find those results by looking it up on google..
I copied and pasted my results right off the search results, and it took me 2 minutes..
So the burden of proof is on you..
When will people who post misinformation like you just did start holding yourselves accountable and admitting when you are wrong.
Im clearly right, so now that you have failed to prove me "wrong", are there any other points that Ive made that you'd like to criticise? Or maybe you could humble yourself and be a little more considerate of differing viewpoints, especially when they might hold a little more weight than yours?
I just don't get this keyboard warrior mentality... its pretty lame

@LogicalExtreme Your first DUI can cost upwards of $20,000 – and more – even without property damage or anyone harmed. The Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that the total expense of an initial DUI or DWI arrest and conviction costs the equivalent of a taxi ride half-way around the world.
A myriad of expenses typically associated with a DUI conviction include bail, car towing or impound costs, court costs, legal fees, DUI education programs, higher insurance premiums, probation fees, drug and alcohol assessment and counseling, license reinstatement fees, and loss of work income. And that’s the short list.
The cost of a DUI conviction varies by state, but in every state the cost runs into the thousands of dollars. In New York, for example, the estimated minimum cost for a first DUI conviction is $9,500. The state of Illinois estimates the average DUI cost at $14,660.
Other DUI costs are not as obvious. In all 50 states, DUI offenders temporarily lose their driving privileges. As a result, they must rely on alternate methods of transportation, which can quickly run up the DUI tab. Driver’s license reinstatement fees must also be paid before full driving privileges are restored. A DUI conviction can also lead to the loss of a job, especially if the job requires driving a motor vehicle. The conviction may remain on the offender’s record for 10 years. During the years following a drunk driving conviction, a DUI offender's car insurance can double, triple, or even quadruple. Some insurance companies move DUI offenders to higher-risk, higher-cost policies, and may even cancel coverage.
Possession of counterfeit United States obligations with fraudulent intent is a violation of Title 18, Section 472 of the United States Code and is punishable by a fine of up to $15,000, or 15 years imprisonment, or both.
You can face a misdemeanor charge for a first offense of drug DUI. This is a presumptive sentence. You can face up to six months of jail time, a requirement that you attend a drug treatment program, and fines.
it appears its you who doesnt know what country you're in

@LogicalExtreme I'm just referencing information easily obtained from the internet..

all you can do is throw out empty insults..
there's another type of person that uses the exact tactics you do; there called, wait for it... libtards..

@LogicalExtreme so, youre telling me, if you were caught passing counterfeit money while driving doped up with enough illegal substances to kill an elephant, you would only have to pay $200 in fines and no more than 6months in jail? even though Title 18, Section 472 of the United States Code states that Possession of counterfeit United States obligations with fraudulent intent is punishable by a fine of up to $15,000, or 15 years imprisonment, or both? And thats just the counterfeit charge, not including under the influence of highly illegal substances AND driving under the influence of them?
Dude, you need to get professional help.. I agree libtardery is an illness, yet so is Qtardery bro.. you might want to seek some professional help man.. the delusion displayed here is off the charts

@LogicalExtreme we can go back and forth all day long here..


Search Results
Featured snippet from the web
A felony DWI will include three aggravating factors and will be classified as a 1st degree DWI, which is a felony in the state of Minnesota. And because it's classified as a felony, this offence carries very severe penalties, with a possibility of up to seven years of jail time and a $14,000 fine.

• More than three-quarters of counterfeiting offenders were sentenced to
imprisonment (78.6%).
• The average sentence length for counterfeiting offenders was 16 months.

reference: []

again, we could go back and forth all day long on this.. I'm down

@LogicalExtreme "Give me ONE where anyone got a fine over 5,000$ notwithstanding getting over ,000 and years in prison "automatically". Lol, you give me an approximation of a DUI cost but are too to understand"

You are too $tupid to ADMIT that I am including all charges, not just DUI... see, your not too $tupid to understand what Im saying, you're just too $tupid to ADMIT that you understand, because, ignorance is bliss now isnt it?

@LogicalExtreme you're a projecting troll...just like a libtard.. so the internet is lying and you're the be all know all... never met floyd yet you somehow know every detail about his entire life.. though i can cite reference after reference of documented proof that a person can do over a decade in prison and esily thousands of dollars in fines, you insist its $200 and 6months.. your a psychotic sociopath that projects your narcisism on evryone around you.. i don't take it personally at all, despite your attempts to throw insults at me, another person you know absolutely nothing about..
but im sure you do this to everyone you come in contact with if you think you can get away with it..
your a cowardly troll who's looking for any excuse to project hate onto anyone you can to make yourself feel big.. its pretty pathetic

@LogicalExtreme Oh, okay, I get it now.. you're an overt racist who hates all jews, all blacks, and all other minorities, hates your own race if theyre homeless and/or poor, and expects everyone to agree with your r3tard3d viewpoint, and if you had your way, anyone that disagrees with you youd have shot in the head for dissent. ... like Mao did to his people, only your not communist, you're WN.. You consider that the way of strength and courage..
Your an extreme minority and very few would ever subscribe to your ideology.. 90% or better of self proclaimed conservatives completely ignore you, and suggest anyone else to do the same.., this makes you angrier and feeling abandoned, so you troll the internet accosting anyone online whos views stray from yours in hopes to gain a bigger fan base so you don't feel so alone. got it now.
very interesting


People don't agree with you.. and you're view is anyone that doesnt agree with you is wrong... thats emotional immaturity.. you project your own unhinged delusion onto anyone that disagrees with you..
watch this 7:41 since obviously you don't have the patience to watch a full video, because your view trumps everyone elses im sure... i doubt you will becuase you seem to be an idiot.. or a fed provocateur(which is another form of idiocy..
you can think you've won, but you're delusional to think so.. maybe you're an alcoholic.. alcoholics are delusional.. untreated alcoholism kills bro. get help

@LogicalExtreme I listen to people like the guy in this video, and i listen to guys like you...
to me, you're viewpoint is unhinged, and this guys is pragmatic and views align with his, and you see me as in opposition to your views... there is where the line is drawn. you attacked me for my views without cause.. i wonder if you'd attack this guys views? I really don't think so. you seem to be an extremist who hates any race that isnt white, and hates your own race if they don't think like you..that is unhinged.. ive pulled info off of Minnesota's government website that states a DUI fine can be up to $14,000, for a first offense, etc... yet you still claim that is not enough of a supportive statement to defend my argument.. if that isnt enough, than im wasting my time.. your like the man with trump derangement syndrome; Trump could find a cure for cancer and you'd still be screeching "orangeman bahahahd with the rest of the sheeple

@LogicalExtreme i already gave you an example of a man being sentenced to 15 years for fale money, but you are ignoring that, a snippet from the Minnesota government website that reads:
A felony DWI will include three aggravating factors and will be classified as a 1st degree DWI, which is a felony in the state of Minnesota. And because it's classified as a felony, this offence carries very severe penalties, with a possibility of up to seven years of jail time and a $14,000 fine.,
statistics from the federal goventrment on fake money charges averages: • More than three-quarters of counterfeiting offenders were sentenced to
imprisonment (78.6%).
• The average sentence length for counterfeiting offenders was 16 months.

again, we could go back and forth all day long on this.. I'm down

@LogicalExtreme you're referring to one of at least three charges.. 16 months for one of at lleast 3 charges... you either already know this, and are acting dumb, or you really ARE that dumb.. Im beginning to wonder that maybe you really are THAT dumb

@LogicalExtreme Ive been through the system myself dude..many, many, many times.. One example; i was frisked in Portland and the officer found a piece of cotton the size of a grain of sand in my pocket...they arrested me for suspected possession of controlled substance. while i was detained, they ran tests on the cotton and found microsopic residue of morphine in the cotton and charged me with felony possession of a controlled substance. I did 2-3 months in jail, 4 years formal probation... BIG CRIMINAL I AM HUH???? and becuz i have a felony i can not legally own a gun, and cannot vote. Im not going to do the resaerch, cuz ive lived it... I have a criminal record as long as one of your arms for homeless crimes; sitting on a park bench, panhandling, sleeping in an alley, sitting on the sidewalk,,,.etc.. you don't seem to realize yet that you live in 1958 Soviet Union...but you will, in time. when the economy crashes I'll see you in the soup kitchen line..that is, if your local law enforcement hasnt incarcerated you for drinking a beer on your way to the bread line...good times!

@LogicalExtreme hey my man, its been real.. but i aint got time to convince you of something you refuse to consider, whether its true, or not.. I really hope for your sake and mine that you're right and im wrong.. you havent convinced me of anything any more than I you... so go ahead and throw in the last insult and chalk it up how ever you want.. Ive lost interest all of a sudden... its not that important to me.

@LogicalExtreme i find it hilarious that you don't believe me about the cotton story. i don't blame you. its rather unbelievable..
so, explain this to me, if the government posts fearmongering links of misinformation, and google is run and owned by marxism, where exactly am i to go to find the information of which you demand?

@LogicalExtreme btw, i appreciate your persistence. at least you have enough willingness to engage, no matter how scoffingly.

@LogicalExtreme i already did enough of that... just not enough for you. i didnt seem to get the right sources, though they are actually government sources...yet as you claim, they are "fearmongering" therefore inaccurate..and you don't have to be a Qtard to know that the internet is owned and controlled byu that very government/corp inc..
but im not here to convince you of the truth.. if you want the truth, find it yourself big guy


So what do we do, Ramzpaul?


This is the tip of the iceberg.
It must get worse before it gets better.
Whites have too much to lose.
It will be taken from them.
Then they will wake up.


If it hadn't been the George Floyd incident it would have been something else. The real problem with the current unrest is young Caucasians who have been rendered emotionally and spiritually damaged by the cascade of leftist propaganda that they've been subjected to since birth.

Blacks are, and always have been convenient useful idiots. But the biggest difference in this latest round of chaos is the participation of damaged Caucasian youth.

Choreographed for 2020, like the crashing of the economy. Ironically, the corona virus panic was not part of their plan because they gave Trump an excuse for the crash and a hyper-stimulus.


I often ask many normie White people do you think Blacks or BLM would stop at just their vague description of racial justice and then be totally fair? The media always makes it seem Blacks have this moral superiority and if they had power then things would be fair. No Normie has ever been able to look me in the eye and say what if Blacks enslaved Whites or Africans enslaved Europeans and after feeling such moral depravity for this act they would fight a civil war against each other just to free these Whites, and then have Black social justice warriors bend over backwards to allow any power they have to be taken away for guilt?? It was a game all along I guess. I would finally ask any White antifa member would you go on a field trip to South Africa and be in a country where Black rule was restored? I mean put your money where your mouth is Antifa you think racial injustice is any case in which Blacks are not ruling over White people, so why don't you live it for yourself?? You need to prove you are woke and we are all just dying for you to live what you preach.

"Blacks" are a hybrid of Homo Sapiens and archaic humanoids from Africa. Some "blacks" like the KhoeSan and Pygmies are actual archaic humanoids. Even with the Average American black having 22% Indo-European genetics (on average, some more, some less), they still behave as one would expect, given the genetics.

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