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I don't get why many people enjoy sharing pics of their food. It's totally alien to me. But I find it hilarious that this woman's food pic received nasty responses (hilarious because utterly pointless). If this makes me a terrible guy, I'm willing to accept it. []

sqeptiq 9 Aug 4
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There are no bugs on there? Total fail on the woke scale. Heifers with purple hair must be fuming.


Just looks like she bought random packages of stuff from the deli, not a bad selection though. It'd be nice to see some smoked cheddar pickled peppers. Mostly looks like really mild flavors on there.

Also that's not how you eat brie. You're supposed to heat it up and cut the top off and it makes its own bowl of soft, buttery, melty cheese. It's delicious with a little bit of melted butter, minced garlic clove and a couple teaspoons of minced sweet onion mixed in. Don't overdo it or they'll overpower the cheese. Then you can toast up some really crunchy french bread crouton sticks in the oven on low heat and dip them. It's really a really mouthwatering smell.

I've also had cat food that was pretty decent. Tastes like fish guts. I think it was Friskies salmon.

I prefer the Friskies Tuna


The food looks good to me. Not picture worthy tho.

@sacha799 I always wondered if 2 subjects could be an episode of Sacha and Paul. Anything food related, because everybody eats. Sacha because you love animals I wonder if their could be a cat or dog breed related episode. Again I am spitballing ideas and true it has to be a subject worthy of a whole hour, but anything nature or animal related could relate to political issues as Animals are herd creatures like we are.

@Robert100 Doing one about animals or food would be fun.


That does not look horrible to me and I would probably "dine at the y" after consuming such a feast

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