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Holy shit, the antlers on this guy

MikeHunt 7 Aug 5
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I can't believe a professional photographer made the oldest mistake in the biz!!!

Not sure if it was a mistake

@MikeHunt A supposed pro took a picture of my wife at a big function. She was wearing a some kind of Holiday wreath (I guess it might have been Christmas, I don't remember) He accidentally put a candelabra behind her hear so it looked like the wreath had Candles on it--like some kind of Nordic Pagan thing, I think I may have seen a picture of once.

He was pretty experienced too, but, I guess, just like anyone, he just didn't notice the candles when he took the picture.

@curvycom LOL I,ve seen that evil santa dude , Kranzeclaus or some shit, he comes on Christmas to steal the bad children but are you sure you didn;t steal his gf when you were both younger?

@MikeHunt I will admit... It's possible.

@curvycom yeah, I kinda had a feeling (you dawg)

@MikeHunt If the Photographer got the angle just a little different, He could have gotten the Antler guy, AND the second guy from the right, could have been dunce-cap guy.(or wizard cap guy, if you prefer : )

@curvycom Oh holy crap, I didn't see the potential for dunce cap guy, but it's right there, just 2 steps over


Where is a this money going to go? Forcing "diversity" on the parks because they're "systemically racist"... []

Lol I don't know if you wrote that as satire but you are spot on. These public agencies are no longer ran by people capable of achieving rational objectives.