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Why do things look like shit?
Shills abound on the internet far more than they used to. A shill is someone who posts and comments with the intention of disrupting or propagandizing rather than discussing and informing. The US military, the Israeli military, the Chinese government, the democrats and others all pay people to spam talking points and dilute conversations they don't like.

Some do it for free like the dipshit commies from the chapo trap house (a communist blog) fandom. They sit comfortably all day on the largest industrial sized dildos while posting on 4chan about sex with black men in order to hide threads about exposing pedophilia because communists love fucking kids.

When someone submits a large number of low effort posts (like spamming yahoo news) they're called "slide threads". Slide threads are used to push relevant discussions off the top of the front page so they get less attention and engagement. It's the most effective method of disrupting free speech platforms. Wealthy groups hire people to spam platforms more and more as the platform becomes more popular and the subject matter conflicts with their interests.

Another tactic is to throw out large numbers of pointless logical fallacies that work on ignorant normies.
Just a few examples:
"No one thinks that" appeal to consensus.
"you're a loser/racist/sexist" ad hominem.
"that's ridiculous/debunked" feigning incredulity.
"oh you're just saying [something outlandish]" exaggeration.
β€œthey're not all like that!" appeal to exception.
"you just hate [pedophiles, jews, Muslims, communists, but I repeat myself]!" mind reading, or causing the reader to think past the sale by declaring implicitly that such hate is unjustified.

These are effective with people who have not specifically trained themselves to think and identify rhetorical strategies, so almost everyone. Most people are vulnerable to feelings of shame and social alienation so to declare that entertaining an idea will lead to ostracism is a powerful deterrent.

What do I do?
When you see people or bots using these tactics then it's safe to say they're just here to derail useful conversations. A lot of these posters aren't even human. They're bots. The only ways to deal with them are to not engage, to spam counter memes back at them (so other people can laugh and download them for later), or to continually ban them if you have a good eye for spotting shills.

We are in an information war. Libertarians get trapped thinking "oh just absolute free speech will solve everything". Well it's nice but it's also a weakness that your enemy can exploit and we need to be aware of their strategies and the necessary countermeasures. Spam and shilling is not free speech. It's counter free speech.

Here's a good visual example.

Add or subtract from this and copy and post it elsewhere if you think they could use it.

Flagherty 6 Aug 9
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