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"Blacks mobs are ransacking expensive stores in the Loop and on the Magnificent Mile.

The rationalization was some black criminal getting shot by the cops on the South Side.

Has anybody ever asked Joe Biden what his plan is for why this kind of thing won’t go on throughout his term?

What exactly are the Democrats thinking? Do they assume all this rioting and looting is just part of their plot to depose Trump, so as soon as he is gone, the rioters and looters will go home? Or do they figure that as long as they control the media, nobody will notice all the boarded up windows on Michigan Avenue, the most expensive shopping street between the coasts?

Are the Democrats just counting on cold weather to make this stuff stop?"


VDARE 7 Aug 10
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Iran and Russia are the real threat to our hallowed democracy!


"Right wing republican donor conspiracy theorists claimed without evidence that the prosperity planks adorning Michigan Avenue's lively commercial center are a sign of hardship. Mayor Shakweenea LaBooty condemned the claims as white supremacist propaganda and asserted that business has never been better."

And the left will believe every fucking word.


Sleepy Joe’s plan is to blame it on systemic racism.

It should be to tell the looters to get real about the hundreds of young, black men — many innocent bystanders — being shot down on the Southside by other young black men engaged in gangs, drugs and prostitution.

GeeMac Level 8 Aug 10, 2020

“You ain’t black if you’ve never been pulled over and it’s your fault for not being privileged. In the 60s I invited all the black kids to my bathroom and we all had a grand time crawling all over each other. I can smell the memories now”

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