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Interesting line and I agree George W Bush was the worst president ever for White people. He got many of us killed in Iraq, he helped out source many of our jobs, he increased the debt massively, and he tried amnesty and allowed illegal immigration to skyrocket. He was GOD AWFUL FOR US!!

"Is a Trump win better for our side or is a Biden- Harris win better for our side? The answer is not obvious.

Often, our elections are the opposite of what we assume. The pull of partisan politics in a liberal democracy tends to warp the thinking of even the most cynical. In 2000 it seemed obvious that Bush was better than Gore, but in reality, Gore would have been the better choice for white Americans. Bush was the worst thing to happen to white America since the Emancipation Proclamation. Counter-intuitively, Bill Clinton was one of best presidents for white people in the 20th century.

Additionally, even dissidents can fall into the old Cold War mentality of judging candidates by their economic or foreign policy pretensions. The Democrats are the commie doves, while the Republicans are the capitalist hawks. Even at this late date, many dissidents still cling to their libertarian or conservative priors. Instead of thinking about the outcome that serves their people, they think about the outcome that serves their narrow interests as individuals. Group think is hard.

Then there is the bitter loser problem. Many people circulating on this side of the great divide were sure Trump was Hitler. When he turned out to be just another guy, they took it personally, as they personalize everything. Trump did not just get beat by the system, he deliberately finked on them. The only way to assuage their hurt feelings is to show that mean old orange man they are super mad at him. Richard Spencer, for example, is now “Bobbin for Biden” in this election."

Robert100 7 Aug 13
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Richard Spencer has a crush on Emmanuel Macron.


Passing around this story helps as well. CNN won't say this boys name.

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