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Fur Babies
I don't know if this is just a coastal cities commercial, but the concept of single (maybe past their prime and full of regret) women having their 4 legged companion talk to them, watch TV together and play chess is a bit too much for me. I don't even know or care what this drug is for. Anyway, here we go


This is not unique btw there's another one running featuring a soyboy and his stronk wimmanz gushing over their fur child and his robot litter box

MikeHunt 8 Aug 15
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This is notable. I mean, sure, it's a funny commercial, but there is something about liberals and their dogs... mostly neurotic rescue Golden Retrievers, I've been noticing.

I love dogs, but I love them as part of my family, you know protecting my kids if i'm not there, that kind of shit, well i guess that's why i always enjoyed the larger breeds, funny thing is they always got along with my cats (the outdoor ones and the indoor ones too)

@MikeHunt I like the larger breeds as well.

@curvycom I briefly dated a chick that had a Newfoundland, that dog did not like me and i figured it was time to go (fucking dog weighed as much as me and on hind legs, smiling and drooling in my face, was just a few inches smaller)

@MikeHunt I wish I had room for a 90lb pitbull. They are the best, but I just don't. Our house is tiny.

@curvycom They get to 90? Oh sacred shit

@MikeHunt lol yup. And the largest ones are almost always the sane, stable ones that act like giant puppies. Under 60lbs watch out. Many more are psychotic.

@MikeHunt Not sure why. But pit bull experts say it's a different genetic makeup.

@curvycom I had a cousin that was absolutely torn the fuck up by his , i guess 40 pound Doberman, a gentle beast until one day...i guess it was a ruff day...(sorry) , he had to pull his pistol and shoot it, cops came, made the newspapers, still can't make a fist in his left hand

@MikeHunt crap phones. Hard to use when you can't see. Just lost a reply this. Basically, my expert friend says dobies were bred for a specific head shape that makes their brains small. Better to go with an outcross or hybrid.

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