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We are getting to the day where it will be legal for blacks to kill Whites. []

ramzpaul 8 Aug 18
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One of the problems with the way we characterize events and situations is taking the description of them to the point of ad absurdum. This often indicates a wish to damage or destroy rather than correct wrong ideas. There is plenty on the left that is ridiculous and dangerous. But exaggerated thinking is not conducive to correcting misbehavior, it only encourages it. The elimination of one side will not fix things. As soon as they are eliminated the members of the other group will find those who are thought to have been with them do not have the purity of thought they are supposed to have, and will have to be eliminated.

Pand0ro Level 7 Aug 18, 2020

@Thaw Centrist drivel is what has held this country together. It is the respectful fight between ideas and a willingness to recognize our own failings as human beings that gets things done. As stated above, as soon as you eliminate your foe, you will find another foe within your group. When you bunch everyone into a single group you show that you are not interested in making our country work but only in a rigid ideology.

@Thaw I consider myself on the left. I have no truck with cancel culture, political correctness, defunding police, rioting, and all the f*****g genders that I cannot keep up with. I do know that minorities are discriminated against but also that they have skin in the deal and need to do a lot of work to clean up their own communities along with barriers being eased. I believe that the massive redistribution of wealth going on today, along with the virulent divisiveness between us is quickly turning us into a third world country.

@Pand0ro Actually, if you're a leftist you're approving the actions of the left by default. There's no way one can ride the fence when the situation reaches the point that it has.

The activities which are occurring in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago are the current ultimate expression of leftist ideology. You're mistaken if you believe that you can support the left without encouraging a continuation and an escalation of that destructive ideology.

The part of the left that is on the ascent is the part that wants revolutionary changes that will remake the nation into an anti-White hellhole. Call them AWL (Anti-White Leftists) for short.

You say you are against this. Good. But what I think you don't realize is that (1) the AWL does not play fair and (2) by not playing fair while "our" side does, they are making enormous gains. The solution is for our side to not play fair either.

If they dox, we dox. If they get people fired for their political beliefs, then we do also. If they sensationalize supposed White-on-Black injustices, then we sensationalize any Black-on-White injustices. They want to make it ALL about race, then we have to do it too!

Since almost all "American" institutions now support the AWL and so many White people are cowed by or clueless of or conformist to the misnamed anti-racism bullsh*t ideology, we're going to have a tougher time of it. But, as Ramz said in his latest video, life's not fair, so we're just going to have to accept the fact that it will be tougher. Part of this is that we have to be much smarter and more careful in how we act, then does the AWL. This sucks, but one advantage is that, in the long run, we will have the organizational skills and discipline required to win.

@Triumph I strongly disagree with you. All or nothing thinking is what has us in this mess. Either it is calm or it is a hurricane?

@Triumph If you are on the right you are automatically approving the outrageous lies and deceptions of the right. The blatant effort to disenfranchise the majority of voters in America by taking away their opportunity to vote.

This can be looked at from two extreme sides which is an ineffective way to have a successful country. Things are not simple, ask Jordan Peterson, and trying to apply simple solutions to complex problems makes buildings and bridges collapse.

@Pand0ro You obviously can't wrap your mind around the reality of the matter.

@Thaw There are those on the far left. They are few, loud and obnoxious and drown out levelheaded. The true left is working at making all peoples lives better which is a long road of years in accomplishing. People who are more concerned about hurting someones feelings than why there is an explosion of homelessness. I am on the left and I will fight any attempt to a Communist coup or a dictatorship. The trouble with the far left is that they talk big but are too lazy to do anything other than making noise.

@Triumph Again I disagree with you. I have a balanced understanding of the problem. There is work, hard and difficult that has to be done by people that wish to save the United States, not destroy it.

@Pand0ro The true left is working at making all peoples lives better


@Thaw I will not argue with you. We are looking at this out of different windows and after serious consideration must each decide what s reality.

@Pand0ro Not everyone should be allowed to vote. Chew on that for a while...

@gordonstroll Who gets to decide? Usually what ever party is in power at the time.


Any solution that involves acting alone or running is a non-starter.

Nov 4th.

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