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Loomer Wins.

Joined by Gavin McInnes and MILO, Roger Stone and Don Black nemesis Sid Dinerstein.

I unambiguously love Laura Loomer for her amazing SPIRIT!

Recall that this was another in a long line of people vilely savaged by the Alt Right but who continue to move the ball down the field against the Enemy. Something to think about.

Overall a VERY solid week.

Afterthought 7 Aug 18
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I don't recall Laura Loomer making a big enough splash about anything to merit being "savaged" by the "alt-right". And actually, I can't think of anybody who is considered an official representative of the alt-right.

Who was it that did the savaging?

Mostly, I consider Laura Loomer to be an attention hound and I wonder about the motives of those who spend energy calling attention to her.

Triumph Level 6 Aug 18, 2020

attention hound

Is this defense of the Alt Right akin to the "I don't know who is white" when it is positive about whites, but when negative, knows exactly who is white?

The Alt Right had official spokesmen: the self-styled "Triumverate" of Enoch, Anglin, and Spencer.


Try to be better.

@Afterthought When was the election held to name the official spokesmen of the Alt-Right?

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