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Regarding Slug's Professional Israeli Troll

cc @Admin

Anyone who has had exchanges with @B1967 may have noticed that this user does not seem to have a particular viewpoint.

He has argued at length in favor of mass non-white immigration into the US, but just today he said of blacks "What do yo expect from primitive people"

He also responded to @BlackoutNJ with the statement: "Western Civilization Culture was built by whites just look at history fact"

After I had pointed out his trolling MO (simply to clutter the site and engage people in meaningless discussion in order to inhibit exploration of particular ideas) he responded to me: "Yes I would like to stop you anti-semitic, anti-black taking root here."

These comments are on a pointless bait post whose entire content is: White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning. All those who responded to this post received a contradictory and nonsensical answer.

This user will also shift back and forth between normal, comprehensible sentence structure and completely garbled statements. Why? The level of clarity is adjusted for baiting and time-wasting purposes. When the user wants responses, his posts or statements will make some kind of sense. When he does not want to defend a position or continue the discussion, but wants to keep wasting other users' time, he offers a nonsensical statement such as: "Why do you take offence so easy to this post do you how what it meaning is"

When this user is called out, he reposts an article about Israeli trolls, as he has just done. Why? Because the goal is to create chaos. Here is an obvious troll, out of Israel (by his admission), posting damning material on Israeli trolls. What can be made of that? As intended, nothing much.

So, just a heads up to other users. B1967 doesn't care what you think. His posts are designed to clutter up the site, to keep people from having no-BS exchanges, because his main objective is to make logical discourse impossible.

There is a reason why Jesus said of certain people that their native language is lies...

Thaw 7 Aug 19
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I blocked him also, he was an obvious shill/slide poster. He claimed to be Israeli, but I think he is more likely an Islamist troll, judging by his word order and linguistic quirks. I could be wrong of course, but I'm reasonably sure of my pattern recognition sperg creds.

@Thaw you could be right, of course, it just seems like a Israeli guy from an Israeli troll farm would be more clever. That's why I was leaning toward a guy who want's to appear like a stereotype Jewish agitator. So we will all think "Wow, so typical of these guys."

Not sayin' you're wrong, but wouldn't especially troll farm guys be smarter and more subtle. I mean, if I were starting my own troll farm, I'd want people to not be easily identifiable as trolls, unless I was trying to stereotypicalize a certain group I thought of as my enemy.

On the other hand, maybe me thinking this is proof of what they are actually doing? But isn't that too many twists and turns. THAT much duplicity is likely to be lost on most people, and so would serve no purpose.

Just some thoughts, here, not really agreeing or disagreeing. The thing about being good at pattern recognition (and I could tell you some stories from my life that might impress you) is you can think you are better than you are and "recognize" patterns that are not really there. That's why I preface with "I could be wrong:" because I really, really could be.


I decided not to bother with B1967 posts sometime ago. There's a few others here I tend to ignore. Not necessarily trolls, but just kinda stupid.

Tycho Level 7 Aug 19, 2020

I've noticed some leftist idiots posting their drivel in here lately. The best response to them is no response.

@Triumph I wasn't necessarily referring only to leftists... I shouldn't name names, but one guy who's always posting colorful graphs and graphics he thinks are brilliant and important, but are just undefined and pointless drivel. And another who can't seem to help but post virtual essays; paragraph after paragraph after paragraph...(most of it off topic). How else would we know just how much smarter he is than the rest of us?

Perhaps it's a personal fault, but I just can't stand pretense.

Oh well, 'nuff said.

@Tycho, hehe! I'll bet I know which ones you're referring to! One, I think is just an emotionally or mentally troubled fellow. The other, I'm not sure what he is, but I haven't come across posts by either of them lately. But if you engage with either of them, you just end up going down an infinite rabbit hole of circular reasoning.

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