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Imagine that you were a Soviet dissent living in Stalin’s Russia in 1937. Times are tough and the Communist regime is brutal. People suspected of being dissidents routinely disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Many are executed or die years later in a Siberian concentration camp.

Now imagine that in such a political atmosphere a new Russian political party is formed to fight Communism and Stalin. And no, this organization is not secret. It is a public organization that advertises on pamphlets and encourages people to sign up if they want to fight the communist system. And the people behind this political party assure newcomers that it is perfectly safe as the Soviet constitution promises citizens freedom of assembly and speech.

Would you join such an organization?

You would literally have to be insane or suicidal to sign up. Anyone who has even a basic understanding of Stalin and the Communist system would know that all members would soon be quickly rounded up by the Soviet secret police (NKVD).

This week Mike Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch) announced the creation of the National Justice Party (NJP). The NJP is patterned loosely after the German National Socialist Workers Party (the Nazis) of the 1930s. The party is an explicit White nationalist party that rejects capitalism and Jewish control. This is who they are and they make no apologies.

The NJP is the perfect foil for the mainstream media, politicians, “anti-Hate” groups, etc. The existence of this party will confirm their narrative that hate is alive and well in America and maximum resources need to be spent on combating this ‘hate.’

Earlier in the year, senator Jerry Nadler (who is a Jewish nationalist) headed a congressional committee on the dangers of White nationalism. While the hearing did degenerate into something of a farce with Candance Owens (who is a black) as the face of White supremacy, the underlying message was quite ominous. Congress was clear that the American secret police (the FBI) needed to make infiltrating and arresting White nationalists the top priority. The arrest and political harassment of White groups clearly has priority over Muslim terrorists or leftwing terrorists such as Antifa.

Examples of such political persecution and double standards are numerous. As we literally having Left wing and black groups engage in looting, assults and even murder with no punishment, a White activist was arrested for placing an anti-drug sticker on a telephone pole.

While America technically allows for dissident groups, in reality such groups are treated as though they are illegal. In the case of the government, the FBI will pay for confidential informants to join NJP and look for potential illegal activity. If no illegal activity can be found, these informants will be pressured to plant evidence. And no, the recruiting of such informants is not a conspiracy theory. Angelo John Gage, a mildly right wing political commentator, revealed how he was approached by the FBI last year to act in such a role.

In the case of the NJP, there is a 100% chance that informants will be in the group. Even if you stay 100% legal there is a good chance you will have evidence planted against you. And even if you should escape any such accusations, if one person in the organization should commit an illegal act (such as a firearms violation, ethnic intimidation charge, etc.) you could also face legal responsibility based on the RICO act.

At a minimum, you will be placed on the government’s “watch list” and the new “red flag” laws could be used to seize your guns. On such a watch list you will also face government employment descrimination, potential travel restrictions and increase the likelihood of IRS audits.

Now we get to the non-government persecution of such dissident groups. Because although things are bad in America, there is still some respect for the First Amendment. Directly rounding up people based on their political beliefs is something that is still a few years away. The preferred manner to violate the First Amendment is through “private” civil litigation. I put the word “private” in quotes as many of these organizations such as the ADL, SPLC work hand in hand with the government.

The strategy of these left wing groups is to sue the organization on bogus charges. Even though the lawsuit may be invalid, these organizations are rich and can afford extensive legal fees. Whereas, the average NJP member is probably middle class at best. Do you have $100,000 you can spend on lawyers to defend a frivolous lawsuit? Most people don’t. But the SPLC and the ADL have plenty of money. So even if you should “win” in court, you will be bankrupt. This is called “lawfare” and is an openly acknowledged tactic that is used by these groups.

Once the lawsuit is filed, these groups will demand to see private e-mail and membership information as part of the discovery process. The organizations will then use this membership information to pressure banks to cancel your account. If you have a job, they will attempt to get you fired. They will pressure all major social media sites to censor you.

This should not really be news to anyone who follows such things. This very thing happened to all the people who organized the Charlottesville event. Many lives were ruined and now these same people are doing it all over again.

I can think of no way how adding your name to the NJP can help our people. All this organization can do is act as a ‘honey trap’ to ensnare and ruin dissidents. Many young men will be bankrupted. Others will beg for mercy and pretend to be a leftist such as Matt Heimbach did.

At this point I know many will claim that I am a secret agent trying to demoralize people from ‘doing something.’ But doing nothing is many times better than doing something, Driving off a cliff is doing something, but in that case, doing nothing is a much better option.

However, I am not advocating that we do nothing. I advocate that we act smart and understand that we are dissidents, such as those that lived in the Soviet Union. In such an environment, it is irresponsible to join a publicly known dissident party. We need to be legal, but act like we are illegal. That means, any such hypothetical groups need to be underground.

The focus at this point needs to be locally. Meet like minded people in your area and have regular get togethers. Do not make it an official group. Meet for games, to play sports, dinner, or whatever. At this point you can develop friendships and bonds to help each other when things get bad.

Any hypothetical underground political organization will draw their members from these groups. And, no, membership will not be available to anyone who shows up and pays their $10 membership fee. Membership of such groups will be invite only. Anyone that runs around asking to join such a group will be excluded.

Such groups need to communicate with each other in person NEVER using the internet or text messaging. The organization of such groups must be cell based (such as the current Antifa structure). And for God’s sake, there must NEVER be a membership list written down.

Again, I know of no such groups on the Right in existence. However, this is the ONLY sane way a radical dissident could operate in the current political environment. The model of the NJP is insane and will only set up their membership for ruin with no possible upside.

Yes, we need brave people. But we also need smart people. Joining a publicly announced ‘nazi’ group is just stupid.

ramzpaul 8 Aug 22
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I am already seeing the NJP devolving into personality squabbles on Twitter. What a giant waste of effort.


Where to begin. Ramz, as a libertarian (selfish individual, anti-racist, civnat, maganerd) is in no position to speak about "our people." He does not care about White people, he is a career grifter (his other job is a slumlord, who could have guessed) He is also not a dissident. He is a typical maganerd tru-con. His strategy is just to accept a slow boil dispossession/genocide instead of collectivizing, organizing and fighting back. This boomer needs to be put out to pasture.


I’m not afraid to say National Socialism was better than Capitalism or Communism! I’m not afraid to criticize Israel. I’ve been banned for speaking out about Jews. It just makes Jews more suspicious to ban people.

Even geniuses make mistakes. Hitler tried too much. He should have been more realistic and also killed the Bible and returned to Nordic Gods

How can u hate Jews but believe in a Semitic god? What sense does that make?

What sense does it make for Nordic people to support a Semitic book?

It’s like saying you hate gays but partying at a gay bar.

You don’t kill your adversary by killing them. You do it by killing their god!

It's because white people are of Adam. These false "Jews" are vehemently condemned and criticized by Jesus. Read the book of Mathew, or just the whole New Testament, and see for yourself how fake Jews are concerned.


I am glad that most of the other comments resonate with my own thoughts:

  1. We are more Weimar than Soviet: there is a vibrant nation waiting to emerge from the burning carcass of America. Hitler did go to prison, it didn't defeat him. He ultimately defeated himself with his own errors.

Like Solzhenitsyn, if people choose to die on their feet rather than live on their knees, I salute it.

The question at hand is not whether a new party is the correct course of action, the question at hand is if Mike Enoch's Party is the correct one.

  1. A good rule of thumb is to do what your Enemy doesn't want you to do and not do what your Enemy wants you to do.

a) Our Enemy wants us to take our eyes off of November 3rd so that from Nov 4th they have the upper hand. If Enoch and co wanted to form a party he should have done it Nov 20th, 2016 rather than the Hitler Salutes that started the downward spiral of the movement.

b) Our Enemy also wants us to marginalize ourself. To wit, I'm not a Christian, but most white people in America are and it is the dominant ethos. It would be silly of me to prioritize fixing this at a time when we are facing genocide. Likewise, most white Americans love their freedom, it would be stupid to put rehabililtating fascism ahead of survival.

We have to win quickly with the nation we have, not the nation we wish to have, or that we will have at a future date.

c) Our Enemy does not want us to take control of the Republican Party (as Laura Loomer showed could be done). Mike Enoch lied during his speech about the GOP not wanting them to integrate "we tried". Liar. When many of us were trying to integrate people into the GOP getting these young men something to do besides listen to poisonous podcasts, Enoch himself torpedoed it.

d) Our Enemy does not want us to create a viable new party that actually speaks to the soul of our people and offers the best possible future. That is not what Enoch's Party is.

  1. I believe in redemption but it has to be earned. In my limited interactions with Enoch he was as vile as he appears to be. Nevertheless I will be charitable: what would earned redemption for Mike Enoch be as he inaugurates his party?

Make a full account of the damage he has done in the last 4 years - show us that he gets his past mistakes so that he can regain his honor and our trust
a) His lack of discipline
b) His extremism
c) His infighting
d) and worst of all, his anti-God attitude

Until this is done, we are stuck in a pre-Charlottesville posture of hoping that Enoch does no further harm, but expecting the worst.

  1. RamZPaul's strategy is not enough; any strategy that involves acting alone or in small groups is a loser. We must get through to November 4th; if Trump wins the road ahead will be difficult, if he loses it will require a miracle. But as any Stoic or Christian would agree, we choose what is right and leave the consequences to God.

Mike Enoch's Party is stillborn, but a victorious movement could emerge soon, after Nov 3rd;

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man

That does not mean that Mike Enoch's Party serves no useful purpose, it surely does. It is a place to exile those who can't or won't get it when the real movement begins.


Yup, I hope Mike Enoch enjoys himself while he goes around LARPing as Hitler. I can't imagine this will end well either. I honestly don't have anything against those dudes but I agree it's not the best strategy at this point. Call me crazy but I'd throw my support behind someone like Bevelyn Beatty, Candace Owens or Jesse Lee Peterson first since (being black) it's harder to make them out to be white supremecists although I'm sure our enemies would try anyway.


I agree with this. The good news is this probably fizzles out before anyone gets ruined by it. Setting up a political party requires smarts and lots of hard work. They need to create the legal framework in each state. Then they need to get the signatures to get on the ballot. That's hundreds of hours of work. The people involved lack the skill and initiative to pull it off.

That said, I'd pay money to see them canvasing for signatures. "Excuse me sir. Do you have a minute to talk about Hitler?"

@The_Z-Man I believe this is really you, did you notice Ramz got this from your show Friday, essentially the driving off a cliff is doing something was directly from your show Friday. Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something.


The face and look of a lead ADL researcher Mark Pitcavage, this is the look of who calls you guy who tries to ruin everyone's life here.


Most thoughtful and sagacious post, Mr. Paul! However, we are not yet at the Stalin purges stage. If we were, every dissident from Nick Fuentes to Hunter Wallace would already be in the gulag, or shot in the back of the head. Look at China - there's no RAMZPAUL there. (Although I am sure you have a loyal underground cult following!)
What that means is that we still do have wriggle room - "we" including people like Peinovich and Striker. I'd be surprised if they haven't already prepared legal ramparts and abatis. They're taking a huge gamble (at least at this moment in time), but I think they're simply preempting the inevitable: a nationalist third-party movement. They are simply getting in ahead to position themselves as leaders in the public mind. Which also seems to be Richard Spencer's tactic: hang around long enough for things to turn to shit, and he wins by default.

And on the subject of Soviet dissidents - remember Lech Walesa?


Another jew acting like a jew is all this article is. we aren't jews we don't hide and deceive people we do what is right.

Level 1 Aug 22, 2020

He said, anonymously.


We just aren't a free nation anymore and I've really struggled with that fact as I'm sure many of you have. I never thought that being a law abiding white man who doesn't hate his own race and opposes the demographic transformation of America would make me public enemy number one in the eyes of our corrupt government and media. Meanwhile, Jews and non-whites who hate white people and advocate for our physical annihilation are the toast of the town and the new apple pie Americans.

Malcolm X said that a white man's heaven is a black man's hell but that also works in reverse and a Jewish and black man's heaven is a white man's hell and since polls show that blacks and browns are much happier and more optimistic than white Americans we are living in their heaven.


This article needs to be circulated because RAMZ is right and being a pro-white political dissident is now de facto illegal thanks to the lobbying by the ADL. This is even a more dangerous and tenuous situation when the FBI is now, for all intents and purposes, operates much like the Cheka in the former Soviet Union. IOW, it doesn't enforce federal law dispassionately and without prejudice and there is now a very strong left wing bias throughout the FBI which leads to a lot of selective prosecutions against right of center groups and individuals.

Jewish groups have now found a way to circumscribe the first amendment and punish speech they don't like by claiming the speech espoused by their political enemies leads to violence. Meanwhile, their ethnic kin in the media are using their megaphones to convince the dullards that black supremacist and left wing violence is just another form or speech and protest.

The cellular structure is the way forward and this was also advanced by National Alliance founder William Pierce. Any membership organization opens itself up to infiltration by the FBI or their many informants. We need to learn from the outlaw biker gangs who've been through the federal law enforcement ringer that any member trying to influence other members to engage in lawbreaking is very likely an informant attempting to manufacture probable cause of illegal activity for an investigation and formal charges.

Even if they are unsuccessful in infiltrating the group they will then pore over the lives of the members to find anything they many have done wrong and for which they can be threatened with prison time unless they flip and become an informant. Remember that Randy Weaver was set up by an ATF agent who had Weaver shorten a shotgun barrel about 1/8" shorter than allowed be federal law. But Weaver steadfastly refused to play the game of the dirty feds and inform on the Aryan Nations.

We're not in the Soviet Union yet. More like Weimar Republic. Bear in mind that in order to impose their Cheka, purges, gulag, etc. the Bolsheviks had to fight and win a bloody civil war first - as did Mao.


I think you nailed it on the head. This party will flush out the chumps and get their members on the naughty list of future political prisoners. I just read Gulag Archipelago (nothing I didn't already know) and wonder if people will resist their arrests when the time comes. Solzhenitsyn thought that resisting and making as large a scene as possible would have been the key.

Making your arrest difficult works when they're arresting random people on frivolous as a convenient way to bolster their statistics. If you are labeled as a true enemy of the party then they will pursue endlessly.

In any case you should resist political imprisonment at all cost.


I agree that like minded people need to stick together. I also know that in many parts of rural flyover country "sticking together" is something that is done without giving it any thought. Communities exist all over the country where everyone grew up together, as did their great grandparents. Those people were born into a like minded, close knit society and they take it for granted. It's not something that you need an invitation to be a part of. Just move into the community. Become acquainted with the people who live there. Don't buck the cultural norms.

The people you find living in those rural communities are America's remnant - mostly of English, Scots Irish, and German ancestry.

They're good places to live in these times.

Triumph Level 6 Aug 22, 2020

Excellent post.


I never understood how the SPLC got so rich anyway?? I know plenty of left wing people and none like the SPLC at all!!! It must totally be a few oligarchs or corporations. Jack Dorsey of Twitter giving so much to Ibram Kendi is a good example of Republicans giving tax cuts to these assholes. Tax the hell out of these 1 per centers they hate you and want you dead and they are the only reason groups like the Adl and Splc have all of this money.


I just watched the video of the forming of the NJP. Every single thing Mike talked about is exactly what I have been experiencing.
I understand what Paul is saying, I have seen many others on the dissident right say the same thing. The government aligned with those evil groups will do everything in their considerable power to shut Mike and his gang down.
I am reading some history about Weimar germany and the similarities to what is going on now is incredible. AH and JG and their gang were fighting Antifa in the streets, very, very violently. (This ends all converstation with every friend I have had) The same people controlled much of the media at that time and they even controlled the police. The odds were completely against the Germans and yet they prevailed. Probably not a great idea to fight in Russia and Western Europe all at the same time yet their ideas about Nationalism/populism and rejecting global bankers and deviant pushers of sick morals are timeless. We can learn alot from them and not fall into the same traps as they did. It is much easier to deport people than it is to lock them up in work camps. All of them have their own countries and we don't need anyone with dual citizenship anymore.
So yea, I am sure Mike and his people will face the worst of the worst. I will do what I can to support them.

lor1927 Level 2 Aug 22, 2020

Also, Weimar had laws against "hate speech" and anti-Semitism. The Nazis were prosecuted (more than 200 times, I believe) under those laws. This proved counter-productive as it made them martyrs and supported their point about Jews controlling the legal system.


Ramz has been listening to Way Of The World, he espouses the exact thoughts

Way Of The World's material is alway both fantastic but equally blackpilling at the same time.
I guess he's just a realist, and recognizes the desperate position that we face.

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