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Leafy's YouTube channel still sitting on my laptop even though he was deplatformed a couple of days ago. So I thought I'd post a picture of it. Rip leafyishere....

An avid fan put his videos on bitchute under "leafyishere archive" and says he'll give the channel to leafy if he asks for it.

Bitchute would go through the roof if leafy actually started posting there. So I hope he does.

Also leafy has stated recently, more than once, that he wanted to be banned... so I wonder what he is planning.

Also FUCK Susan Wojistski, or what ever the fuck her name is.

curvycom 7 Aug 22
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@mikehunt this is outrageous. Leafy had 5 million subs on youtube and he wasn't even political. I've been saying this for at least a decade: ANYONE could be next.

It seems Bitchute is the way to go, for example Murdoch Murdoch had a channel on youtube (i don't know if you follow their silliness but i still do), they got smacked hard and now just use it to announce a new vid on a different platform

@MikeHunt I have stuff on there also. I just joined Library also. ( styxhexenhammer666 is there also, he's been going to alt tech for a long time now, he's on a bunch of platforms. He's actually the biggest on bitChute right now. 'bout to hit 100K subs there. He has about half a mil on youtube. I tend to call it "TheyTube," myself. I just wish there was an alt tech streaming platform, because then I could leave all the big tech platforms behind, and/or phase them out. They really aren't that great for a little nobody like me anyway. I just stream as a hobby and like to connect with a handful of people around the world. It's fun and helps when I feel lonely and isolated up here. I've been at it for a couple of years, I guess.

@curvycom I've heard dlive offers a good streaming service. one of the guys i follow theredelephants streams live there

@MikeHunt I already stream there. I currently simulcast to FB, FBGaming, Youtube, Twitch, and DLive. Also Mixer but they're gone now.

DLive is blockchain, but not truly alt tech. They deplatform people. Not many. But they disallowed InfoWars. Maybe just to throw out a bone. But if they do that, then it means that no one is safe there.

@MikeHunt I find myself getting more and more hesitant to stream on these big tech platforms. It's not that I am paranoid--honestly--but I keep running afoul of guidelines even though I never do anything more controversial than play games and or talk to viewers about ordinary stuff. Although I might like to talk about politics, I have rarely done so, and even then in a very marginal way.

@curvycom I've heard from frequent users (some quite sketchy i will admit} bitchute is developing a streaming platform, i guess we'll see how that works

@MikeHunt that is true. They are also about to dump (deplatforming) disqus and roll out their own comment section. is also very soon rolling out live streaming. Bit Tube has it already, I think but it's complicated to get verified there, so I haven't ventured into that one yet.....

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