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BadAss Ann Coulter article.

Robert100 7 Aug 28
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I think Coulter can be politically naive at times. She's angry that the wall wasn't completed, angry that illegals still enter our country & angry that Trump hasn't sent storm troopers into the dem run cities being ravaged by blm/antifa rioters but she fails to appreciate the enormity of the battles fought for every inch he pushes against the swamp, dems and marxist progressives to fulfill his campaign statements.

Yes, there is an insurrection act which he could implememt to try to shutdown these riots but the question of its use centers around whether the rioters are obstructing federal law or state laws. The 10th ammendment gives all ennumerated powers not specifically given to the Federal Government to the State/the People. That said, I believe Trump points out that he could bring in troops to shutdown the destruction, mayhem, assaults, murders, etc. to highlight that these State Governors have the ability to do the same but are choosing not to for ideological reasons to show their solidarity to the blm, antifa and the globalists at the expense of their constituents.

We the People need to consider our responsibilities and obligation to fight against these dictatorial state politicians whether its draconian laws to shutdown our state economy, lockdown the healthy, implement mandatory quarantines which restrict our movement, mandatory mask use etc and if applicable the failure of your state to stop the rioting with all its negative ramifications. These are the battles that the Citizens of the State must fight not the Federal Government.

Blaming everything on Trump is useless and doesn't magically erase the Citizen's culpability to fight for law a CD order im therefore State and hold the Leader's responsibilities to the Citizens. Your part? Organizing in your state to recall these politicians, protesting and when necessary defending *Yourself, your family/friends, Community, etc. with equal force and run these maniacs out!

dd54 Level 8 Aug 29, 2020

@fschmidt we'll agree to disagree.

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