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How were those most negatively impacted by the Great Depression of the twenties and thirties received by society at large?

How were those most negatively impacted by the Great Depression of the twenties and thirties received by society at large?

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H0bo 6 Aug 29
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How it effected people most. Well, that's not really a very good question that's how I would say easy to answer, if there's something forcing people with jobs out of the labor force because poor people, then it's probably going to be just one of those things that ends up effecting everyone whether it was meant to or not. Like just poverty wasn't the only one effect the Depression had on people, there was what it actually ended up doing to the people that were effected by it, like how women were meant to be in the kitchen and serving men, what do you think that a Depression did to all that, I can tell you, it wasn't good. That is one example that, that it wasn't exactly what did mostly effect most people of the Depression but if you're looking for an answer like how the effects that were too effecting people in that time, then that's just one of the things that the Depression did that wouldn't have effected everyone but is still pretty bad. So, you're looking for a response that was how it effected people in other words right?

I can tell you something then about that. I'll tell you, what it did do, was making people feel less trusting of others, when this economy is based on anyone can succeed, in that time period it was that idea is becoming the very reason that most people did not anymore. It made people think that when there isn't an already conscious decision to even have or know even what a government or currency system even was, that in combination was what lead to people one not trusting people and two that there was no reason to, you wanna know why, because it was a fucking Depression, I hope that kind of got the point across. In today, it is still the same way but, but now we have the idea that we need this governance because we are too massive a society to move on without it, we know that now, the real problem is that we can't simply decide on just who that will end up being that governs us because of things that happened like the Depression before. I don't know what you might have seen in your video about the Dust Bowl, but it was pretty bad yeah, I mean, there wasn't any fertile soil anymore the crops dried up creating the sand that was blown by the wind, which then ended up killing more crops, if you wanna know a good, like a real good, example of how it effected most people, well I think that'd be your answer right there. It was kind of one of those things it wasn't just going to be effecting anyone, but it ended up effecting everyone anyways. It was how it effected people, that's the best that I can answer your question, however if you're asking but what about the economy what did it do to it, now that might be even worse than how just it did effect people or how it does in todays times combined too, it was that bad, it's not like it's changed, if you didn't know that, it's been a recurring problem that hasn't gone away, our monetary system is complete utter trash, it doesn't even support this thing that it claims to be based on, free entrepreneurship, we can be talking about the effects on people during the Depression and what it would be like now, but that's just it this cannot be ignored even when we are talking about that though. The economy side is just as much what's to be effecting people just as much as the social ways it does in the Depression. We've been hinged on a hair between the Depression and everything is fine for like basically the last 20 years, we are so right there at it even now, that it wouldn't even take a whole lot to make it happen either, you think what people saying about people they think they can't trust today is such a bad thing, when right now, like right now, one person, can destroy our whole entire society with just one bad idea, I'm surprised that it hasn't happened already, if people really knew how just that alone right there disagreeing with people is such a bad thing really, then if they knew this about the economy, oh my God, people would lose their God damn shit, and that right there, boom, all it would take. You know how they say that there are some things better left unknown, well if you really don't or didn't already know just how the Depression completely fucked people and entire generation up, then well, you can see the reason now that I'm saying this now. It's effected,sppppggghheeaa, everyone, like right now, the reason this generation seems so laid back when we all know like we do already knew the reason that our parents so fucked up is because what their parents did to them during the Depression, and that's why that right now we all look like a man that can't choose deciding on which pair of socks is a matching pair or not, that, that alone, is one effect that the Great Depression had and it wasn't even that we were already did live that area. So, if you wanted an answer like that one, well there it is. I can tell you why that it's such a bad thing in today's times. Because we are the people now that have to clean up the mess and for the people that caused it they don't get the constant reminder anymore of why they fucked up, but we hear it, every single day, after many years of this, part of the problem isn't even, that there is a real problem anymore even, it's that we're just having to try to figure out what we are even supposed to be for or against now, mean wile, the people that were in the Depression they all will keep telling you now that there must be a right answer, not that there is one, but there must be one, why, because that's the only way they ever made it through the Dust Bowl, we don't know that, it makes the people now that really listen to that advice think that they must always be right if they consider themselves to be, because there were people thinking that back then in the Dust Bowl, and it also means that, that's why that if those people ever found out really just how bad the economy really is, they today, would ruin the world in an instant, one of the reasons part of the problem right there, the other second part of the problem is that, it keeps people who really are free thinkers from ever finding let alone discovering what real much better answers really are, because, because now they've been taught that making mistakes isn't such a bad thing, that it was alright the Dust Bowl and Depression happened because now there are these people that will and will keep on trying to give their advice about the world and people to other people whether they ever needed it or not. Now, all that plays a role all the way down into the way it would be effecting people here today. So, when people look at others who have lost everything, like homeless people, they will be thinking that someone will help them, but it's not going to be them, when you really think about it, consider this, I present to you this that maybe that was the one biggest and most effecting effect that the Great Depression did so ever have on people.


Probably all of those at different points. Do you think people's experiences are monolithic? This is a very poorly considered question.

Also you're assuming that paying people less when there's a massive abundance of labor is exploitation. It's not. It's just normal economic incentive for them to leave the area for greener pastures which is healthy and helpful to them.

If you're interested in the time period you should be asking how FDR imported millions of communists, helped them infest our institutions, and helped bolster global communism for a hundred years to come.

you mean monolithic, in the same sense as, say, the idea that most homeless Americans today are mentally ill drug addicts that brought homelessness upon themselves?

not sure what you mean by the second point on paying people less. When the oakies moved west to escape the dust bowl, employers exploited them by hiring them at a fraction of what they would hire someone, and fired all their previous help to hire at lower pay rates.

I watched the Dust Bowl series and the account of what happened, I basically portrayed here, with the exception of the last option... The documentary could be false. I don't know. That, in contrast with the way americans of that level of poverty today are treated by society, both have many parallels.. I genuinely would like to know, and if they were treated mostly as described in the first three examples, and not as much the last, it would mostly mirror the way people of that level of poverty are treated today.

It seemed a fitting topic with the Covid 19/riots in relation to our current economic situation


I have no idea without searching. I may be old, but I'm not THAT old : )

My guess would be it varied from urban to rural and from community to community. I've heard stories, for example of all those "paper millionaires" who lost everything. Some went back to live with family. Some managed to salvage some assets out of it. Not everyone was destitute. The depression was kind of a mixed bag. My grandma told me that even though times were tough, it seemed like everyone was able to get by okay. She generally thought people were treated the same, because more or less all people were in the same boat to one extent or another.

But that's all anecdotal, of course. Other people's family lore may tell a different story, I guess.

i don't know either. I watched the Dust Bowl series that does account that they were treated with prejudice and contempt when travelling tobacco road into California.. basically all those things happened to them, except the last option... according to the documentary.. who knows how accurate it is though.. seems the winners do write history, but who knows?

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