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The importance of Dune for our movement and future

Often it is said that Dune is a story about "ecology", that's because they don't want you to be aware of what it really is about.

Dune whispers of a Missionaria Protectiva, an organization that plants themes into culture and religion to steer the future of worlds; that is what Dune itself is, planted culture to steer the future of our world

So who is doing the planting and what is the future they seek?

Dune was written by Frank Herbert, a writer who lived on the Pacific Coast.

Herbert was an acolyte of wisdom lover Alan Watts and transmits key strands of Watt's philosophy.

Watts understood, as many did that the greatest threat to man was man's own creations, or more precisely the inability of man to resist the temptation of power, which is what technology is - power over nature, and ourselves.

In Dune, the galactic feudal order is breaking down after 10,000 years.
That order was built by the Butlerian Jihad where humans rose up against artificial intelligence and robots - and those who ruled through them.

The Jihad was named after real world author Samuel Butler who wrote in 1863 an essay titled "Darwin Among the Machines" which argued based on contemporary examples such as the pocket watch and locomotive, that inevitably, machines would rival and surpass man. That even in 1863 turning away from technology was impossible given the amount of lives that would be lost from famine, and thus "war to the death must be instantly declared" upon machines, as famine death would only grow larger with time.

Taboos established by the Jihad:

"Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind."


"Man may not be replaced."

As a consequence of these taboos, those seeking power directed their energy into transhumanism: human computers - Mentats, faster than light navigation - the Guild, and a breeding program for super-humans, the Bene Gesserit.

After the bloody and costly Jihad, a very static social order was maintained for 10,000 years, but nothing lasts forever. The instability of the political order parallels the break down of the taboo against thinking machines. Dune is the story of the birth of a new Order.

Thus the importance for our movement and future.

As we live we face The Abolition of Man, of which white genocide is but one facet. There is also the erasure mankind's God, and the suicide of man by "merging with the machine".

In essence this is a war between two views of life: the view that there is a universal Order without and within to which we are best served adhering to and maintaining, and the view that the universe and indeed ourselves are without Order and that we are best served by imposing an artificial Order of our own design.

Arta vs Drūg.

The next decade of struggle will determine the fate of the galaxy, whether mankind as we have known it will survive into the indefinite and infinite future, or be abolished by the Beast System: AI, robotics, transhumanism.

Though it is a war, it is a war of the Spirit.

Thought, words, and deeds which strengthen the Spirit strengthen us; thoughts, words, and deeds that weaken the Spirit weaken us.

All the best

Afterthought 7 Aug 30
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