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The truth about Breonna Taylor.

Scjames8 6 Aug 31
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It’s a real shame because no knock raids that have resulted in death are still a thing in this country. I don’t think Taylor should have died but remember that there are lots of more innocent people that are not associated with any criminals that get in the cross fire of no knock raids that end up at the wrong house. The details behind Taylor’s case set back any positive movements to stop these raids.

I’ll make a simple point. If people gave a damn about the dead victims of wrong house raids in the last year or so, Taylor would be alive. But unfortunately it happens to white people too and that’s A okay to them. Oh well, I guess Taylor and Floyd serve their purpose in helping the lowest of the low justify burning down cities while not fixing the ugly components of police.


So she was a crack dealer. Blacks are really validating people who don't want them around.


Remember that scene at the end of the Godfather? yeah Michael settles all accounts. You got barber shop murders, fat boy shotgun elevator murders, and then you have the couple in bed machine gun murders, well, there she was, remember her name ooch ouch oooh stupid games stupid prizes etc

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Posted by CourseofEmpireWell, as long as it’s done by a private company, I guess it’s ok then, right?

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Posted by CourseofEmpireInteresting, so it does seem that restricting immigration actually benefits a country: []

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