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Just received an interesting message from a concerned Slug user:

"If you support trump at this point,
then you are your own worst enemy.

All shelters in San Diego
are closing down by winter time."

I worked in the homeless service provider field for ten years doing street outreach, etc.. in Sacramento​ CA.
Prior to that I lived on the street for ten years navigating​ the so-called "services" liberal cities provide the "homeless".
I know exactly how these programs are run from the inside out. They are corrupted and designed to fail. No leftist liberals care about the issue. Eighty percent or more are hobo-phobic class supremacis​ts who have nothing but contempt for the "homeless".

San Diego and CA at large as well as NY and others care far more about sanctuary cities and pumping billions of dollars into that. Maybe if they had used the money to adequately​ address "homeless" Americans these shelters would not be closing.

Besides, providing sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants​ is so much more important a cause. Im sure the leftist liberals will be very happy about this closing of "homeless" shelters. More money for BLM, illegal immigrants​, and transgende​r bathrooms.

H0bo 5 Sep 5
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My guess is the left dislikes the homeless because the homeless don't or can't vote. You're of no use to democrats if you don't vote.

well, most people are brainwashed into thinking homeless are bad people.. they're just like anyone else.. gotta take the bad with the good in anything.
Id feel the same as the majority if i hadnt had so much first hand i can't judge them for thier bias.. I just personally know better cuz of circumstance..
homeless americans aree just the last group of people where its still acceptable to show open prejdice against without any reprecussions

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