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Have a seat Mister Not President

Not sure if true or if i want it to be true

MikeHunt 7 Sep 5
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His name is Barry Sotero - biggest scandal ever of having a social security issued to him from the state of Connecticut but i forgot he's an affirmative action queen


So...nowadays people write a tell all book so other people buy them to get the dirt or to validate their ideology and the author gets their revenge if the book was a vendetta or makes money off the schmucks that buy it.

dd54 Level 8 Sep 5, 2020

I mean, consider the author. Though probably minimum security, Mr Cohen was still in prison. When we, as casual internet jokers use the phrase "butt hurt", well. He probably is ACTUALLY butt hurt, so keep that in mind if you read his book

@MikeHunt I gave no desire to read his book anymore than the other tell all fictions...I nean books. His book will ve ysed to hammer at Trump and make him $$$. I'm not giving him any $$$.

@dd54 A wise decision, As far as Libraries go, I hope it accumulates dust