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New Covid sign put up by Preston council (UK)
If anyone is still in any doubt that this is now a full on test of intelligence, then they never will.

steve1066 5 Sep 6
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There are nations that kept their rights to firearms and there are nations that chose to give that right up

I remember The Dunblane shooting well and this was a pivotal moment in disarming the citizens of the UK.
Some people at the time were saying that an event like this will be used to disarm the population (whether staged or real) i believe it certainly was real,but when you look into the background of Thomas Hamilton (the murderer) he had a very dubious background,and was close to the then Chancellor Of The Exchequer Gordon Brown,and other high profile members of The Labour Party.
It was said that Hamilton was about to release a bombshell surrounding Brown's personal life , and possible (unproven) links to large paedophile ring. Hamilton himself was a known paedophile
Some 20+ years later, as i have become to realise how evil and corrupt this world is and i'm pretty sure there was more to the shooting than we will ever know, but it certainly had the desired effects; using murdered children as a weapon in disarming a whole nation.

@steve1066 Dead kids is ALWAYS a tool to be used for disarmanent, the ultimate goal for government. Our founding fathers saw this coming (Hence the 2A) oh yeah a well armed malitia
Sadly every firearm i ever purchased or inherited were lost on that terrible day on the lake, me and my doggo swam to shore, it was ruff day (sorry for the pun)

@MikeHunt If i lived in the US, i'm sure that all my firearms that i'd ever owned,would also have been lost in a ''boating accident''.

@steve1066 Sadly when trying to shoot fish in a lake one loses balance, just try to shoot snappy turtles with a pistol standing on a boat , or lo unto thee an inherited mossberg 12 gauge just trying to kill those river snakes that somehow ended up in a lake