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An amazing thing Styxhexenhammer666 has done for the channel. With his 460,000 Youtube subscribers he has at least brought more people to be aware of Ramzpaul, where Youtube is obviously freezing his subscriber count. 77,400 to 77,500 that never goes above 77,500 yet never allowed to get to 80,000 so Youtube is playing that game. Styx's account though keeps going up which is great because every Happy Homelands has that high live viewer and so the people are there. The best bet is try to get more subscribers for Styx as it ends up helping Ramz. Styx fans who never would have heard of Ramz and that is his greatest contribution. I hope as the election heats up in October maybe Styx can do a stream with Ramz 2 or even 3 times one week because 2020 election time will be peak interest in politics until it goes down after the election. It was 4 years ago 2016 election where everything apexed. Now we can say 2020 it will happen again. Ramz can get more Patreon because that has not been frozen yet.


Robert100 7 Sep 7
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The funny thing is, I never listened to Styx until he joined Ramz. Oh sure, I've heard of him before on the chans, mostly negative stuff, oh he's this weirdo, no shirt wearin, leather jacket aliester crowly witch or warlock kinda dude.
Well, no duh, they were quite wrong and, don't get me wrong here, Tina was great, but the show seems to much faster these days

Other way round for me. If it weren't for Styx, i'd probably would have never heard of Ramzy if he hadn't promoted him.
I have always been racially aware, but was never aware of Jewish influence before.
After watching a few of Ramzy's videos, where he merely pointed out the hypocrisy of organizations like the ADL, and other such Jewish groups, and the huge amount of influence and power that they have, then the penny finally dropped.
Once ''awakened'' to the JQ there is no going back.

@steve1066 It;s weird how life works


Link to subscribe to Styx really wanted to post here his channel where to subscribe

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