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Which Alt lite or Civic Nationalist type is most helpful to the cause of Ramzpaul and Jared Taylor types?

Who helps the most of those who aren't as based quite as much as Ramz is?

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Robert100 7 Sep 10
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This is why , want to read Dr Greg johnson to seek his plan for our tribe. LOL


Michelle Malkin.

@sacha799 She does help a lot Sacha but I guess I consider her to be as based as Paul haha. Whereas Styx or Sargon I see as taking a view that is more normie conservative type. Michelle I see as pretty much exactly where Ramz is. She does help the most though pushing that viewpoint forward.

@Robert100 she is as based as Paul.

@Sacha799 I used to think Ann Coulter was helpful but now she has shied away. Tucker Carlson is the most mainstream guy who comes the closest to our views.


Nick Fuentes & the Groyper Army.




Michelle Malkin

Miner Level 5 Sep 10, 2020

@Miner did you vote for the Other option??


I like Stefan so I voted him.


As a biased thing maybe most of us will vote Styx because he is a co-host with Ramz and thus the most helpful in bringing more eyeballs to Ramz. I still would be interested to see how this turns out.

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