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LINK Cops shot accused Portland shooter without warning: witness

According to a "witness"...

We hear so much about this subhuman skell's life story - even Vice gave him a platform - but barely anything about his victim, Aaron Jay Danielson, who was actually gunned down without warning...

But of course when Kyle Rittenhouse shot his attackers in self defense, we have write-ups by the disgusting vermin in the media detailing who his "martyred victims" were...

No surprise of course...

P.S. - Gotta love the caption of the photo. I bet everyone brings a baseball bat to a "protest"

Jernst 5 Sep 11
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As I recall (from books and movies, I aint THAT old) Marshalls, Texas Rangers and Olde Timee G-Men were not too fond of giving warnings but always got results (Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, Ma Barker and her sons etc etc) a known armed perp just itching to shoot it out and become a legend often does, just sometimes the shooting it out part does'nt happen. I don't really care if he drew on them or not, it ended the same either way. Well done Lads/Ladies (heh)


As long as he's not around to murder any more Patriots, I don't care about the circumstances leading to his demise. They could have bulldozed the family home that was harboring him and it wouldn't have bothered me either.

Triumph Level 6 Sep 11, 2020