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I really didn't want to post anything about the "Cuties" bullshit going on now but than I came across this vid. I assume this guy is a producer a Netfix exec or a media critic. Doesn't matter really who he is (I assume he has a blue checkmark)
Anyway, watch it to the end, made me feel better

MikeHunt 7 Sep 12
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That was the best Faces Of Death, that I've ever seen.

Oh, you got me laughing here, remember those days when you had to go to Blockbuster or the back room of a seedy local video rental store just to watch either true gore or porn? Yeah, I rented Faces of Death
fugging LOL
Want gore? theYNC dot com, not for the timid

@MikeHunt That's cool, good you know what that is. Haha, I just thought of that, faces of death f***ing. And thanks for the advice.


It's too bad that video did not end with gunshots coming in from off screen....