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Well, it's actually come to this
I'm old enough to remember the '68 riots in Chicago. I just saw it on TV as a little kid, Helmeted cops busting Hippie noggins every night, the Vietnam war playing in the backround. Turbulent times for sure.
I have NEVER seen assholes swarm an ER before

MikeHunt 8 Sep 13
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Looters and arsonist should be shot on site, can we add these idiots?????

Serg97 Level 8 Sep 20, 2020

Was this in Chicago? The story I saw did not tell me. Only that two sheriffs were shot in the head, and were in this hospital... Guess these "dudes" were trying to protest at their bedside, that they are still alive. This is the monster the Left releases, after "the flower's in the hair" phase!


Wind your tape back a few more years to the original template for both ‘68 and everything we’re seeing now. Mao’s Cultural Revolution turned his society upside down, destroyed cultural traditions and attempted to erase history. The destruction created chaos and disruption as an end in itself. This is exactly what we are seeing now. They’re not a majority, but then, neither were the Bolsheviks.

As Americans, a united country, oh let's say before 1965 or so, we could look upon Mao and the cultural revolution with horror or at LEAST distaste , wierdly roughly the same time, a bit later perhaps (Roughly the early vietnam draft dodging days, stay in academia= exemption from military service) Professors started spouting commie trash to our young minds. My college years were infected but I had a natural immunity, don't know why i just did.
The "Long March" through our institutions is real, McCarthy was right, Fuck Commies, Fuck Critical Race Theory, to some degree Fuck Climate Change, Fuck Hollywood, so happy that's dying, oh I have plenty more Fucks to yell at, I'll save it for another thread

McCarthy’s only drawback was how vastly he under estimated the real extent of the infiltration.

@Edgework Agreed. He shrank back after this famous quote

Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Shrank? wrong word. Well at least the media picked up on that and ran with it. Oh, hey, let's take a peek who was in charge of all media then, hmm it's almost ten AM EST


Do they think only cops use the ER? WTF?

yeah, didn't think of that, babies are being born on the pavement, heart attack folks, well sorry, black lives matter

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