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Columbia University Marching Band dissolves itself in an act of self-flagellation,

ramzpaul 8 Sep 16
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Sounds like they'll be doing about as much work as they were before.


I agree with Paul. We’ll continue to see this sort of effect play out.


Fun fact: I spent my first year of college at Columbia in 2009-10. It was 'WOKE' even back then. Someone was always protesting something outside the main cafeteria. One time a group of 4 girls held hands and ran through the quad screaming with no shirts to protest 'RAPE CULTURE'. Speaking of rape, scarcely a week or two went by that I didn't hear some rumor about some sort of rape/attempted forced kissing/sexual impropriety. I'm glad I transferred.


I support their decision. They will not be missed. The NFL, the MLB, the NBA, all college sports and all womens sports of any stripe should follow suit.

I never got into watching sports. I sometimes felt like a weirdo in High School because I did play sports and that's often what people would talk about (especially football). Now I feel like I was spared from a huge timesink.

@GilBatesLovesU I'm right with you! I tried to watch team sports but became bored quickly. Soon I just gave up. The only sport I competed in was wrestling. Only a few people talked about or even liked wrestling and that was just fine with me.

@pigfarmer I did Football, Wrestling, and Track. People almost never talked about wrestling or track but they talked about Football all the time.

@GilBatesLovesU Funny how that works.


What kind of marching band has a violin anyway lol

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