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It can spiral outta control so fast ... I don't own a tv or follow the daily news. Only heard this story night before last. Confess it's been haunting me since.

Edit: Replaced original video w/ this longer version.

Notice the lie @ 2:58: Convicted felons can't own / carry firearms; cop asks if he has a weapon in the car. He was never going to get out of that car

That said, read the comments, the cop killer some defenders - their argument, the cops pushed it when the original stop could've been just citations written. Then, both lax & uncoordinated in controlling a suspect. Too aggressive rookie cop, veteran cop maybe trying to let him, "get some experience" I dunno.

This WILL be a training film future police academy classes, that's for certain.

But the cop killer a convicted felon's actions too - dirty gun in car, expired tags, no ID, maybe not over the limit but doesn't appear sober, either. Late night out & about; as the saying goes, "Nothing good happens after 2am ..."

2020 hindsight looks like a tragedy waiting to happen ... did.
Rest in peace, Sgt Johnson & may God have mercy on your soul the guy who killed.

And s the warning says, "Viewer discretion advised."

JATW 6 Sep 17
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This wouldn't have happened if they could crack his head with a club like the old days.

@JATW Hopefully his family will be taken care of.

The US is on its last legs. Hopefully enough people wake up and realize what needs to be done to shut these goddamn communists down.

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