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Sacha helps us to emotionally recover from the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

ramzpaul 8 Sep 21
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OK that was Very Mean but yes I laughed when Sasha sang the wizard 😆 of OZ song.


Such Christian Love(TM) from your side.


This video is 46 minutes long but it brilliantly fleshes out the intracacies of how and why "identity politics" is a necessary element to Trumps decision on who to nominate/appoint to the SCOTUS

iThink Level 8 Sep 21, 2020

call me a skeptic but I believe RBG has been out of commission and unable to contribute in any meaningful way to decisions from SCOTUS for at least the last 9 months. I'm pretty sure the communists/democrats have been preparing their strategy for the day she dies - hoping she wouldn't die before Nov 3rd.

iThink Level 8 Sep 21, 2020

OK Let's go... She's been in cold storage for at least 6 months now, the October surprise well, happened in september because the body was oozing (the J's don't embalm) so it was time to make it public, the stench just got THAT bad

@MikeHunt I would not be the least bit surprised if that were true.

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