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China rejects the ‘new normal.’ Will we ever do the same?

ramzpaul 8 Sep 22
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Most probably.
Do you have a written script of your video? I would like to publish it - with due linking to your channel - on a news site i'm part of.

Novus Level 4 Sep 23, 2020

Hate to tell you but the people in Wuhan were boarded up in their houses for ages at the beginning.
Is this propaganda... yes do you believe everything China tells you? No unless you are stupid.
As for that one video of that 1 person collapsing... puhlease... lets not exaggerate about it eh.
As for the rest sorry I stopped listening.


We don't call it the new normal, we call it Covid normal.


Covid Karens are really just narcissistic sociopaths who make abusive moms. (I know women like this who have miserable looking kids. Think Mommy Dearest.)

These women are not motivated by compassion but control. Compassion and concern don't cause antisocial hissy fits assaulting strangers in parks and threatening unmasked children in stores. They're a lot like the abusive police in Victoria but not muscular enough to inflict the same physical damage unaided.

Saying the Covid Karens just need children to mother is like saying Elliot Rogers just needed a nice girlfriend.

Kindly assumption, but a little too idealistic about the weaker sex. Women are no more virtuous or loving than men. And they love power trips too.

REN777 Level 7 Sep 22, 2020

The government will never willingly relinquish the unrestricted control it now has over every minute detail of our individual lives and four more years of Trump isn’t going to change anything. The entire system has to be destroyed and replaced and the greedy and corrupt people at the top need to be punished.

Andyman Level 8 Sep 22, 2020

How very Progressive Democratic BLM Antifa of you... destroy it all... Laughable.
Time to get real.

@Lightman, the whooshing sound you hear is the point going over your head.

@Andyman Probably care to make it more clearly?

@Lightman, I thought I did but I’ll elaborate more. Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, Lisa Page, Peter Strzork, and all of the rest of the criminals who perpetrated the greatest crime on the American people by trying to unseat a duly elected president will NEVER spend a single day behind bars because they are part of an untouchable ruling class. The FBI, CIA, and the entire Justice Department are now so thoroughly corrupt the “swamp” can never be simply “drained”. What little we hear about the alleged William Barr investigation is merely a show to keep conservatives who still cling to hope placated. The entire country’s economy was shut down without any consent of the people because of a disease that, by their own inflated numbers, has only affected .0006% of the population. ANTIFA and BLM Marxists, who you accuse me of being sympathetic to, have been rioting and looting in every major city with impunity for the last four months and Trump has done very little except for a handful of symbolic gestures. You tell me how four more years of Trump, or anyone for that matter, is going to fix the extremely dire circumstances the country is in today.

@turnerjolene48, the crocodiles are banking on the fact that we won’t give up everything, including our lives, to oppose them the way our forefathers did.

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