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Should there be limits on doctors playing God? What ungodly procedures should doctors not be allowed to perform?

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LargoEmbargo 6 Sep 22
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Your predjudices are showing. I have grave doubts about all the procedures you mention but think it needs a much more nuanced discussion and debate to decide which if any of the procedures should be banned. I would also add male circumcision to the list to be discussed. It is just as much genital mutilation as female circumcision.

Also is it doctors playing god or just that some doctors well do anything if paid.

It's doctors suckering mentally ill people into expensive, mutilating surgeries which cost an additional fortune in lifetime medical costs.

Theyre creating crippled, psychotic slaves that they can freely butcher and exploit with no repercussions. It's absolutely demonic and must be stopped and those responsible must be judged to the absolute extremity of justice.

@Flagherty Yes there are such Doctors but don't other people who advocate or support such things for religious, political, philosophical or personal reasons also take their share of the blame?

Like I said this needs a much more nuanced discussion than "all doctors bad"

@Thasaidon I'm OK with bringing swift and absolute retribution to anyone who performs or encourages genital mutilations. There is no compromise I am willing to make. It must stop entirely and those who persist must be punished with drastic severity.

Any nuance you wish to impose must fall within that framework or I will oppose it wholeheartedly.

@Flagherty I am sorry but you really do not seem to see where I am coming from. I agree those procedures should not be carried out just because a doctor can make a few quid (bucks). I agree that in most cases the procedures you mention are unnecessary mutilation and the people who encouraged it should get their just deserts. So we are largely in agreement.

On rare occasions male circumssiom is necessary for good medical reasons. There are pictures online of such cases. An elderly lady I know has just had to have her cervix removed as it was cancerous. Had it not been removed it would have killed her. The operation was essentially female circumsision. The lady had the procedure done by the UK National health service where Doctors do not have to persuade people they need an unnecessary procedure in order to make a few quid. They have more patients than they can comfortably deal with and have a guaranteed income from the state.

For cultural and religious reasons the Jews, muslims and certain african tribes practise male circumcision. Some moslems and african tribes practise female circumcision. This is a fact I personally do not like .

Often the mutilation is carried by a local "HOLY" man, or a group of local women or other such approved perpetrator in an unhygenic way with no anaesthetic. Would you rather have that happen than a local doctor doing it hygenically and useing an anaesthetic.

And they will be circumcised the local community and probably family will see to that.

When you take all the factors/nuances into account giving the blanket condemnation "all doctors bad" is I feel unhelpful. There are lots of others who need to take their share of the blame and allowances need to be made in cases of genuine medical need.

@Thasaidon @Thasaidon
"all doctors bad"
This is an obvious and lazy strawman.

"medical necessity/cancer"
Necessary surgical procedures are performed when the body is corrupted or malformed. They are not performed on healthy individuals. This is a blatent misrepresentation of the topic, another strawman.

"we need to help them mutilate their children...safely!"
There is no excuse for mutilating a child's genitals and you are a monstrous fiend of you think there is. It doesn't matter if the family will do it anyway. If you participate in mutilating a child then you are guilty.

If necessary I am more than willing to imprison or deport every last Jew, Muslim or african primitive that engages in this practice as well as their entire extended families. All of them. You will become civilized or you will not share in the prosperity of this nation. Period.

I've had enough pilpul for one night.

@Flagherty My Last post on this. You really are blinded by your own rant

I started of my last posting by saying

"I am sorry but you really do not seem to see where I am coming from. I agree those procedures should not be carried out just because a doctor can make a few quid (bucks). I agree that in most cases the procedures you mention are unnecessary mutilation and the people who encouraged it should get their just deserts. So we are largely in agreement."

Is there anything in that paragraph you disagree with? Or to warrant your ad hominem attack of calling me a monstrous fiend for not agreeing with you 100%.

The " all docrors bad" phrase I used was due to the way YOU spoke and was not intended as a straw man although I can see why you would think so and apologise for using it as I did.

So genital mutilation is OK if it is for good medical reasons. as the flesh is not healthy You certainly do not allow for this nuance in your earlier posts.

IF YOU HAVE NO CHOICE which would you rather have mutilate your genitals , the local holy man or a group of men or women from your village, who will not do it hygenically or use an anaestetic or a doctor who will. NOTE THE FIRST FIVE WORDS OF THIS PARAGRAPGH. People have died as a result of genital mutilation done by non doctors.

N.B. I have already said more than once, I do not agree with these procedures but in the real world you rarely can do things overnight.

And what about the uncivilized practises you engage in . I am sure we can find some if we investigate. And who defines what is civilised?

@Thasaidon We are not largely in agreement. We are not remotely in agreement. You argue for the continued institutionalization of infant genital mutilation in my nation.

I say if you believe that infant genital mutilation should be institutionalized merely because some monstrous fiends carry out the practice then that is monstrous and fiendish as well.

No coherent person believes that necessary medical procedures equate to mutilation. This is still an obvious strawman. To perform disfiguring cosmetic surgery on infant is mutilation and must not be tolerated in any case. This is implicit in the very concept of mutilation vs necessary procedures. The "nuance" you try to impose here is rather a muddling and bastardization of terms that no one else is confused about.

I do not care how many of their own children these jackals murder through unsafe genital butchery. It will not be tolerated to perform genital mutilation on infants. I will not acquiesce to savages forcing their own institutionalized abuse on our nation by holding the health of their own children hostage.

"You probably do evil, wicked things on par with mutilating children!" Wrong.

It's a fantastic argument to resort to moral relativism. I'm convinced. I guess we can go slice off some girls' labia just because under jewish moral relativism there is no right or wrong and everything is permissible.

Go defend child mutilation somewhere else you forked tongue devil. There is no real nuance here, just you attempting in vain to defend the continued institutionalization of a demonic practice through false reasoning and obscurity.

@Flagherty Please learn how to read and understand what is written and not just see what you want to see.


All of those things listed sound terrible.

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